Sophomore Year Timeline

September- October

Continue to do your best in school, work hard and focus on doing well in your classes!

Check in with your counselor to make sure you are on track

Review your credits and graduation requirements

Create a file with important documents

report cards, awards and honors, list of school and community activities you are involved in 

Keep track of important usernames and passwords for school related accounts

Take the PSAT

Start volunteer work if you have not already

Join clubs and organizations. Get involved!


Update your important documents file

Create a resume

Attend College and Career Fairs and College Visits


Explore different career opportunities and career programs in Naviance

Research careers to learn about education and training recommendations for different career pathways


Research colleges and admissions requirements in Naviance

Start researching scholarships

look on Naviance for scholarship opportunities

Explore summer opportunities

look for a job, community service opportunities, attend a summer academic program or get an internship


Visit college campuses to get familiar with which type of schools appeal to you

Continue volunteer activities