Senior Year timeline


  • Classes begin September 6th
  • Attend Senior Welcome Night and Reception
  • Attend college fairs
  • On-Campus college visits begin
  • Start college admissions applications
  • Request transcripts and letters of recommendation
  • Meet with your counselor to be sure you are on track for graduation
  • Meet with College and Career Center staff to make sure you are on track for completing your Personalized Learning and community service requirements
  • If you have not taken the SAT and.or ACT or if you are not happy with your scores, register and take the upcoming test(s). Have official test scores sent to the colleges you are applying to 
  • Start preparing to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in October
  • Get your FSA ID @ In most cases, both the parent and student are required to have an FSA ID
  • Attend Financial Aid and Scholarship Night
  • Order your cap and gown for graduation


  • Begin the Lancer Extended Application Project (LEAP) if you haven’t already. It’s a graduation requirement!
  • File the FAFSA. You will use 2016 tax information
  • Come to the The FAFSA completion workshops. We will help you fill out your FAFSA


  • Early Action or Early Decision deadline for many colleges
  • Make changes to your FAFSA data if necessary
  • Attend College Application workshops
  • Office of Student Access and Completion Scholarship application available
  • Deadline to complete the Career Related Learning Experience projects (CRLS)
  • LEAP Days-Get your completed project approved


  • Follow up with colleges you have applied to. Make sure you have submitted everything you need
  • Check with the financial aid office at the colleges you are applying to to see if they require any additional financial aid forms
  • Submit your senior portrait for the yearbook


  • Request a mid-year transcript in Naviance if the college(s) you are applying to requires one (the transcript including your first trimester grades)



  • Office of Student Access and Completion Scholarship Application due (typically March 1st)
  • Request mid-year transcripts in Naviance (the transcript including second trimester grades)
  • Lane Community College Foundation Scholarship Application due. Due date TBD
  • LEAP projects due. Set up a LEAP interview 


  • Review your college acceptances and financial aid awards. If you are positive you will not enroll at one or more of the colleges that accepted you, notify those colleges that you will not attend. If you know which college you will attend, make sure you know what you need to get ready to enroll. If you have not heard from a college, contact them to make sure you have submitted everything they require. Don’t miss out! May 1st is national decision day for college
  • Apply for the 4J Honors diploma if applicable
  • Attend Graduation Information meeting(s)
  • Sign up to audition if you want to perform at graduation
  • Check the Graduation Checklist to see what you have left to do before you are cleared to graduate


  • Take Advance Placement/IB exams if appropriate and request that your scored be sent to the college you will be attending
  • Notify the college you have chosen to attend
  • Know that you need to do to enroll
  • Complete the Graduation Survey
  • Request end-of-year transcripts
  • Buy graduation tickets
  • Sign up for your walking partner


  • Notify the college of any private scholarships or grans you will be receiving
  • Know when the payment for tuition, room and board, etc., is due
  • IHS graduation June 7, 2018
  • Graduation June 12, 2018