Junior Year Timeline


Bring your family to the Navigating High School Family Night

Update your resume


Take PSAT (may qualify you for scholarships and programs associated with with the National Merit Scholarship Program)

Attend college visits

Check in with your counselor to make sure you are on track to graduate


Keep grades up, college admissions take progress in upper-level courses seriously

Start researching grants, scholarships, and financial aid related opportunities

Attend college visits

Start applying for holiday season jobs


Review your PSAT results, seek help on how to improve for future standardized tests

Schedule times to volunteer over the Winter Break


Start a list of colleges you are interested in 

Use PSAT results to prepare for SAT


Meet with College and Career Center staff to discuss your list of potential colleges to see if they for your needs and interests (academic program, location, size, campus culture, cost, etc.)

Begin review for SAT and.or ACT


When registering for senior courses, make sure to consider college credit courses and continue to challenge yourself

Go to the Career and College Fair to explore more potential options for your future

Register for May/June SAT and/or ACT

Visit potential colleges during Spring Break


Attend the Junior Parent and Student information Night which focuses on preparing you for Senior year

SAT/ACT Testing

Explore summer opportunities

Look for a job, community service opportunities, attend a summer academic program or get an internship


Visit colleges and set up interviews if possible for more personal interaction

Find summer jobs and volunteer experience

SAT and ACT testing


Take tours of colleges, have interviews, and ask questions

Summer jobs and volunteer opportunities


Begin preparing for college early admissions: ask about financial aid, admission requirements, and deadlines