September- June Timeline

Meet with you school counselor in early fall

Map out your high school course plan

Take challenging classes and a full schedule

Work hard and focus on doing well in your classes!

Freshman year grades DO count! Colleges review your academic performance from 9th to 12th grade

Get familiar with Naviance and check your emails regularly

Your username is:_______________________

Your password is:_______________________

Participate in extracurricular and/or volunteer activities

Keep track of community service hours on your community service logs

Create a file with important documents

Report cards, awards and honors, list of school and community activities you are involved in

Keep track of important usernames and passwords for school related accounts

Start to identify areas of academic strengths and interests

Attend College and Career Fairs

Start exploring college websites and career pathways

Start exploring college websites and career pathways

Explore summer opportunities

Look for a job, community service opportunities, attend a summer academic program or get an internship