Graduation Requirements

Students must earn at least 24 credits to graduate as follows:


  • 3.0 Math (Algebra 1 or higher)
  • 3.0 Science
  • 4.0 Language Arts
  • 3.0 Arts, Second Language, Career and Technical Education
  • 3.0 Social Sciences
  • 1.0 PE
  • 1.0 Health
  • 6.0 Electives (.125 credit earned for each Community Service and EAP fall into this category)

Essential Skills

Students are required to show they can:

  1. Reading- Read and comprehend a variety of text
  2. Writing- Write clearly and accurately
  3. Math- Apply mathematics in a variety of settings

Personalized Learning- Personalized Learning is the graduation requirement we administer and track and has three components.

  1. Plan and profile- We embed this in the Career Related Learning Standards Curriculum
  2. Career Related Learning Stands (CRLS)
  3. Extended Application (LEAP)

Community Service- This is a Churchill requirement, not a state of Oregon Requirement. 10 hours of service for every year the student attends Churchill. IHS requirements are different. IHS students should see Lynne Given in the IHS office.