It’s summer break! C’est l’été!

Merci, merci, merci!

Thank you parents and families for supporting your 4th graders this year. It has been a fun year, and we enjoyed getting to know each of your children. Here is a link to some photos from field day. Thanks to many parents and Mme Erinmarie for making a quick pivot to an indoor field day due to the rain. This annual event capped off a great year!

Moving on to 5th grade 

Teachers will send a supply list of items for your fifth grader to bring to school. NOTE: Ask your child if they passed on their current pencil pouch this year. We delivered all of their pencil pouches to 5th grade. This would be a great way to reuse materials & a little gentler on the environment and your wallet. Here’s the 5th-grade teacher’s website:

5th grade website

Not returning to Charlemagne?

If you know that you will not be returning to Charlemagne next year please send a note to Mme Bernadette at so she can work to transition your student’s files to his next school.

Upcoming Dates

First day of school: Wednesday, September 7

Choir Concert Recording

In case you missed it, here is a clip of the 4th & 5th grade choir concert from last Wednesday.

Le français:

Mme Jana, French & Science

It’s been a great year, and many great strides were made in French in fourth grade. Since we’re still recovering from the not-so-great Covid learning experience, please don’t let those hard-won advancements slide! Consider getting a French tutor if your child got a two (2) on his/her/their overall French score on the report card. Also, please see the links above for lots of FREE French resources. Make sure your kids UNPLUG this summer, connect with nature, and read! Have them watch some of the Netflix movies in French, and please peruse the above link, Le français, which has tons of free French sites. They change often, so please try another if one doesn’t work.



Mme Shelli, English & Math

Summer Math Enrichment

Set aside some fun time to play math games and to read this summer.

Here are some videos demonstrating games to play that review math concepts – great for parents, tutors or babysitters to play with children.

Love Maths

 Maths for Kids

Also check out the Math Tab on our blog here for more ideas!

Summer Reading

4J is encouraging at-home reading in a new Summer Reading Program. You can find out everything there is to know about this program and also the World Athletics Championship Oregon 22 youth program’s (WCH) Read-Athlon.  At this link:
Students who read ten minutes a day by June 30th & enter it in the online portal can enter a drawing to win tickets to the World Track and Field Championships coming this July to Eugene at Hayward Field!
Free books are available all summer long in Sora and at the Eugene Public Library. The public library has a summer reading program, too!

Interested in getting tutored over the summer?

Please contact Mme Jana if you need a French tutor. I have several contacts, and one is below:

Carrie Grabowski, our long-time 5th-grade French teacher is tutoring via Zoom. Please contact her at