le 13 au 17 juin 2022


If your child has medication at school, it will need to be picked up by June 17. Prescription and over-the-counter medications must be picked up by a parent or authorized adult. EPI pens and inhalers may be sent home with students only with your permission. If you authorize us to send your students EPI pen/inhaler with them, please email downes_j@4j.lane.edu. The school office will be open until 3:00pm on June 17, the last day of school.

Not returning to Charlemagne?

If you know that you will not be returning to Charlemagne next year please send a note to Mme Bernadette at conover_b@4j.lane.edu so she can work to transition your student’s files to his next school.

Upcoming Dates

June 1314 Students bring Family Story Projects to share in class. See English section below for a description.

Thursday, June 16 – Class party! Pajamas, pizza party, movie!

Friday, June 17 – Last day of school! Field Day – 11:45 dismissal.

Choir Concert

In case you missed it, here is a clip of the 4th & 5th grade choir concert from last Wednesday.

Le français:

Mme Jana, French & Science kincaid_j@4j.lane.edu

It’s hard to believe, but this is the last week of school! It has been a pleasure learning and growing with your lovely children. Thank you for entrusting us with them. I hope you have a glorious and restful summer.

All of the students have completed and presented their francophone country. Yay! The dodecahedrons and the research packets came home on Tuesday and Wednesday. Students did a great job, even though it was their first time presenting something this lengthy in front of a group. Please ask your children to present their francophone countries to you at home. They represent a lot of work.

Your lovely children have earned a big party from me that includes wearing pajamas, an extra recess, a pizza party, and a movie! I’ll help them choose the movie on Monday; it will be a Studio Ghibli movie. The party will be on Thursday, and there will be a few kinds of pizza and carrots. A great reward for a great year!

Mme Shelli, English & Math

Review & Games

Monday, your child will bring home a stapled packet of several math review quizzes showing their skills in problem solving with four operations (+ – x ÷). These activities followed 2-3 days of review of each operation.

Report cards will come home Friday with your child, so be sure to ask for those, too. Note that some children will receive a “2” on the report card when they are still working on a math concept.  Others, may receive a “3” but could still use some practice in math areas. The # 1 suggestion I have for parents and students is to learn the math times tables through x12 this summer and to play lots of math fluency games. For summer review ideas, please check out the MATH tab at the top of this blog page.

This week, students will be playing a variety of fun math games to wrap up our year. Here are a few sites you might like to use at home this summer to promote math fluency:

Love Maths

Maths for Kids Youtube videos of games to play reviewing math concepts – great for parents, tutors or babysitters to play with children.



We will finish a Social Studies unit, Oregon: How it became a state.  This week, students are creating Oregon history board games to play. They’ll play these on Wednesday in class and bring these home for you to play on Wednesday or Thursday this week.

HOME PROJECT: Family history stories


To encourage students to learn about their own history, the homework for the last few weeks has been a personal history project. This can be as formal or informal as your family has time for, but the general requirements are below.

At home, talk with your parents about family stories. How did your ancestors or others end up in Oregon?  With your parent’s help, choose one of the following and be prepared to share it with the class:

I.  Make a family tree

II. Write or type a family story that is important or interesting to you. (Talk with a parent, grandparent, or another person important to you.)

III. Find out about a person in your family.  Why did they move to Oregon?

IV. Find out about someone in history (not in your family) who traveled on the Oregon Trail or who immigrated to America. 

This is not a graded assignment, but it is meant to be a way for students to connect history to their lives. Though students may create a product such as a poster or a report or interview, the evaluation will focus on how to speak in front of a group using eye contact and audible volume. If you have any questions or if you think your child will need support from me on this project, please let Shelli know (hopper_s@4j.lane.edu).

Interested in getting tutoring over the summer? Please contact Mme Jana if you need a French tutor. I have several contacts, and one is below:
Carrie Grabowski, our long-time 5th-grade French teacher is tutoring via Zoom. Please contact her at clgrabowski@gmail.com:

Summer Reading Program

4J is encouraging at-home reading in a new Summer Reading Program. You can find out everything there is to know about this program and also the World Athletics Championship Oregon 22 youth program’s (WCH) Read-Athlon.  At this link:
Students who read ten minutes a day by June 30th & enter it in the online portal can enter a drawing to win tickets to the World Track and Field Championships coming this July to Eugene at Hayward Field!
Free books are available all summer long in Sora and at the Eugene Public Library. The public library has a summer reading program, too!