le 22 au 24 novembre 2021

As we approach the holidays, please make sure to let both teachers and Bernadette know if your child will be missing any regular school days. It helps us with our planning to know, so please email us all!

Upcoming Dates

Thursday, November 25 & Friday, November 26 –  NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving!

Monday, December 20 – Monday, January 3 –  NO SCHOOL, Winter Break!

Tuesday, January 4, 2022 – First day back for students

Le français:

Mme Jana, French & Science kincaid_j@4j.lane.edu

•We speak only French in the French classroom.

•We write four-sentence paragraphs in French using sentence starters.

•We have a positive attitude and growth mindset.

There is no French homework this three-day week. We will continue to reinforce last week’s vocabulary. We will also conjugate the verb être, and will also review the verb avoir for next week’s vocabulary, which centers on expressions that use avoir. Students who haven’t yet completed their “J’observe…” writing activity will do so this short week.

In cursive this past week, we continued with uppercase letters (les majuscules) with the letters  Y,  Z, P, B, and R. Next, we’ll do N, M, H, and K. We have been working on first and last names in cursive. We continue with the French typing program, Tap’Touche. 

This week, students will either complete their “Tubes” art, or they will have to finish the project up at home. A number of students have now completed the “Moi” project. Those students who have not yet completed the project will be able to take parts of it home over the Thanksgiving break to finish up. We will begin a new art project next week.

Les sciences:

This week, we did a science experiment that uses stream tables to demonstrate the concepts of erosion (l’érosion) and deposition (le dépôt). The kids got to see how pieces of rock move from one area to another with normal water flow. Next week, we’ll do the same experiment with a flood simulation. Students are also reading about our science unit in English in Mme Shelli’s class. We hope this will help solidify comprehension of the material.

Mme Shelli, English & Math


This week:

•We can multiply multi-digit numbers using mental math and area model strategies.

•We can use our knowledge of multiplication to solve division problems using an area model and “partial quotients” strategy.

In class: We continue unit 3: Multiplication & Division Stories with Larger Numbers. Next, we start building conceptual understanding of division. The goal of the unit is for students to build on the concept of inverse of multiplication, division, NOT to simply learn the traditional algorithm of division, so please do not press your child into learning the algorithm of “long division.” Don’t worry, though, this will be taught in 5th grade after multiple division strategies are experienced in 4th grade. Students will learn the standard algorithm for multiplication, but at this point, we encourage students to draw models and explore what happens when we multiply.

We will come back to multiplication & division concepts later in the year, so students who don’t quite get the concepts now will get to experience it again in spring. 

Math Homework: There will be two nights of spiral review homework this week. On the back of the homework is an optional game for students and families to play over the week or long weekend to review multiplication. Students who bring it back signed will be entered into a prize drawing on Tuesday, November 30.

English & Social Studies

•We will describe Earth’s major land forms, erosion, chemical & physical weathering, and a little about fossils.

Students completed their Oregon regions  multi-paragraph mini-books last week. This week, students will read from our FOSS science textbook to support Earth Science studies happening in French class. To wrap up the week, we’ll play a fun game to review the concepts.

For word study this week, students will analyze words identifying their base words, prefixes and suffixes. We will focus on the suffix endings of -ible & -able this week.

Other News

Clothing & footwear

The district has installed large, outdoor tents to cover our outdoor eating area. Yay! Recess and lunchtimes are spent outdoors, so please send your children to school in weather-appropriate layers and footwear. Lots of kids are coming to school without coats, especially without raincoats. If your child has lost something, the lost and found is available outside and behind the cafeteria so that parents can help their child look for lost items outside of the school.