Butter Battle Lab

For this experiment, you will be generating the energy necessary to create butter.

  1. Make a hypothesis stating “Do you think it will take more calories to create the butter than the calories you will get from eating the butter?”
  2. Complete the lab, following the directions. 
  3. Answer the questions following the lab in the student pages.
  4. Research and identify the chemical equations of some of the chemical reactions identified in a kitchen.
    • How do those equations compare to items that go through a physical change?
    • Can you identify the type of change occurring based on the chemical equation?
  5.  Students can compare the difference in the chemical composition of butter to the chemical composition of margarine.
    • What are the differences in the ingredients?
    • Is there a major taste difference?
    • What about the difference in calories?
    • How does the change in chemical composition impact the digestion of each food in humans?

If you want this lab to be one of your 5 typed lab reports, follow the procedure below:

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