Lancer Extended Application Project


Since the Oregon Governor’s Stay at Home Order, the Oregon Department of Education has ruled to suspend the Personalized Learning graduation requirement for the class of 2020. At Churchill the LEAP and CRLEs are two parts of Personalized Learning and are no longer required for the class of 2020. Seniors will have a P (pass) on their end-of-year transcript under Personalized Learning. The LEAP requirement is now waived and will be marked with a P. If you have any questions, please email Mary Beth Hepp-Elam, elam_m@4j.lane.edu for help.

There is no change to the number of credits required to graduate, Personalized Learning Requirements (Personalized Learning at Churchill are CRLEs and LEAP) are suspended. The goal is to not penalize any senior for COVID-19 crisis. 

Below are options for meeting the Oregon Department of Education extended application graduation requirement. These options require a 2019.2020LEAPContract and completion of a LEAP packet. Prior to receiving a LEAP packet, students seeking to complete their project through an independent option must complete a LEAP Contract and get it signed by the appropriate staff member* and pick up a LEAP packet before pursuing the LEAP.

  • Digital Media – see *Don Squires.
  • Independent Option – designed with and approved by one of the following staff members:  *Nita Halstead, *Mary Beth Hepp-Elam, *Sheree Houck, *Katy McAuliffe, or *Court Wirth.
  • RTEC 101 Class (through Lane Community College) – enroll in and successfully complete the course, plus complete the LEAP packet — *Nita Halstead, *Mary Beth Hepp-Elam, *Katy McAuliffe, or *Court Wirth. More information: https://www.lanecc.edu/rtec/rtec-101
  • West End/Creative & Performing Arts Academy see *Chris Mudd or *Jacob Steinberger.
  • Work Experience – document work hours, and complete LEAP packet – see *Nita Halstead, *Mary Beth Hepp-Elam, *Katy McAuliffe, or *Court Wirth.

    👉🏼Deadline for completed Work Experience LEAPs is January 27, 2020.  👈🏽

  • Yearbook – enroll in and successfully complete the course, plus complete the LEAP packet – see *Don Squires.

The following options DO NOT require a LEAP Contract or completion of the LEAP packet unless assigned by the teacher.

  • International High School – Successful completion of Junior Seminar, Trimester 1.
  • Career Academies/Pathways – Successfully complete all program requirements and enroll in and successfully complete your academy’s senior courses.
    • Engineering – Engineering Capstone/Internship A & B, Bill Krei
    • Graphic Design – Graphic Design CN III/ IV, Lance Eagen
    • Health Services – Health Services Senior Seminar, Keri Ricker
    • Rachel Carson Env. Sciences – RC Internship A, B, & C, Helen Haberman

LEAP Opportunities/Internships – The following links and resources below can be used to complete your LEAP. Some of these opportunities require the student to complete an online application. Please be thoughtful and thorough with your application, it will make your chances that much better. Pay attention to deadlines!!! 

Ideas for Independent Options


is not a high school! It’s a collaborative internship program created by four different nonprofit organizations in Lane County: The Shelton McMurphey Johnson House; the Lane County History MuseumAdventure! Children’s Museum; and Wordcrafters. While each organization’s focus is different, the common goals of engaging the community in cultural activities, creating learning opportunities, and promoting the overall health of local non-profits are similar for all! Currently, each organization accomplishes its mission with the help of community volunteers. Working with high school students on the brink of adulthood who have the enthusiasm, interest, and drive to help each organization thrive in the coming years is, we believe, integral to the success of our organizations. Likewise, our ability to teach soft job skills, promote teamwork, work as part of a board, and build up our community is integral to helping students thrive in their future education and careers. Find out more at: http://nonprofithighschool.blogspot.com/

Eugene Cadet Post 501 — What You Get Out of Being a Cadet

The Eugene Police Cadet Post provides a positive experience for young people who are interested in learning and developing skills that will assist them in whatever career they choose.Cadets become positive role models for their peers and young children.Members serve the community while gaining career development experience. Apply here.

Summer Apprenticeships in Science & Engineering – ASE

Internships are eight-week, full-time summer positions. These internships take place throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington, including Portland, Eugene, Corvallis, and Vancouver. Organizations include hospitals, private companies, research institutions, and universities. The application process is competitive. ASE internships attract rising sophomores, juniors and seniors. About 40% of students are from backgrounds underrepresented in the sciences. This is a much higher percentage of representation than is commonly found in the professions. ASE interns have been listed on published research, helped to design and test commercial products and spent time in the field and in the lab.

More independent options … 

Absolute Wellness Clinic
ARC – Caregiving
Arts & Technology M.S. – Special Projects
(see Mary Beth in School-to-Career office)
Basketball Coach/Kidsports
Camp Harlow
César Chávez Elementary – Social Work
(see Mary Beth in School-to-Career office; must be enrolled in AP Psychology)
CHS Asst. coach 9th BX 
CHS BB field maintenance
CHS Career Exploration Pilot Program
(see Mary Beth in School-to-Career)
CHS Coaching w/Niles
CHS Coffee Cart – must be enrolled in course
CHS Library – Special Projects, see Debbie Levy in the library for information on available projects.
Kennedy M.S. – Science Aide
(see Mary Beth in School-to-Career office)
Laufer Construction Company
LCC – Scientific Drawing
McCornack-English Language Development
(see Mary Beth in School-to-Career office)
Military Recruiter
Muttley Metal-welding
New crutch design
Nichols Manufacturing
NIF Direct Instruction Convention
Novel Writing+Writing Workshop
(see Mary Beth in School-to-Career office)
NW Storage
Pacific Source Health Plans
Pleasant Hill Elementary – Art Teacher Asst.
Prevention Plus Clinic
Salvation Army
Siletz Tribal Office
Tall Oaks Dog Resort
UO Duck Links
UO Harmonic Laboratory
Veneta Vet Clinic
W. Eugene Animal Hospital
Wildlife Safari Internship