LCC Placement Testing

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Meeting ID: 857 9869 6438     Password: 8wL9AQ

Due to Governor Brown’s Executive Order 20-12, ordering Oregonians to stay home and closing schools, LCC Reading and Writing placement tests will not be scheduled at Churchill until further notice. However, Lane Community College is still making accommodations for those who need to test.

Do I need to test for reading, writing and math? Maybe not! Click the here  to find out. If you need to test, please study. There is a free app for the reading and writing test that you can access on any computer. Go to and click on the white bar, Information for Students. It’s on the lower right of the screen (below the sign in form). Click on the “Practice Resources” link and read number 1. in the instructions. When you click on the yellow bar “Start practicing,” set up your account and start practicing! Do you prefer to study with paper documents? You can download the Reading and Writing sample tests with answer key in number 2 of the instructions. 

Math: Currently, the new math placement test called ALEKS can only be taken at LCC. Take the Reading, Writing, and Math Placement Survey to find out if you need to take the Math placement test.  If you have more detailed questions, email the LCC Testing Coordinator, at or go to

Email Mary Beth Hepp-Elam at, if you are having problems finding your Smarter Balanced scores or remembering the title of your last math course.