Friday, June 23, 2017

Action Rent All & Events is now hiring for yard attendants. Basic knowledge of lawn care equipment would be helpful. This position requires manual labor: lifting and loading yard equipment as well as party supplies; cleaning and maintaining of equipment and event tents. To apply for this position, pick up an application at the office located at 121 River Ave., Eugene.

Chambers Construction Apprenticeship opportunity for students 16 and older who can pass a drug test and a physical aptitude test. WHY CHOOSE A CAREER IN CONSTRUCTION? Chambers Construction offers apprenticeship training for those interested in excellent opportunities for employment in jobs that are both personally satisfying and well paid. Summer jobs available while still in high school, this will give you a chance to try it out and see if it’s the right career path for you! Hands on learning with qualified instructors! The apprenticeship system provides the opportunity for learning to become a highly skilled worker while receiving wages during the training period. Job shadowing available! No student loan debt! Earn as you learn! Pay advancements as you progress! 401K, insurance, educational training, competitive pay, paid vacation, career advancement! High demand for skilled workers! It’s possible to complete the apprenticeship in less than 3 years, much sooner than a union apprenticeship program! Experience the pride of accomplishment! Be part of a dynamic team! For more information contact Mark Harrington at 541-972-0997 or

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