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Complete the strengths assessment by clicking on this link:

Identifying-Your-Strengths PP



Review and score your rating scales.  Social skills total is 87 and Executive Functioning 84.   Count you total number you rated yourself and divide by the totals for each.  For example if you scored 65 in social skills you will divide 65 by 87 and you should get a decimal.  Move the decimal two places to the right, drop the decimal and add a % mark. 

Social skills total 87, my score 65, divide 65 by 87 = 0.747126,  74%

Make sure you save and share your transition assessments!

Jasmin quitta@4j.lane.edu

Anders pettersson_a@4j.lane.edu

Include your name, percentage for social skills, percentage for executive functioning

Then write who completed the other scale for you and their percentage for social skills, percentage for executive functioning


We reviewed the connections rating scales.  Please print or download the rating scale and complete it electronically or on paper.  Each student will complete the scale based on having adult expectations without support.  Students will then ask a trusted person to complete the scale on them.  Next week we will tally the scale, figure out the percentage, compare the two perspectives and then keep the information for the future.  Next year students will complete it again to see how much growth they have made.

Connections Rating Scales

Connections-Raiting-Scales pdf


Connections Rating Scales


Describe yourself in five words.  Three strengths and two challenges.

Read this article  https://www.success.com/6-steps-to-discover-your-true-self/ and comment or reflect on each of the six points.

  1. Be quiet
  2. Realizing who you are and not who you want to be.
  3. Find our what you are good at (and not good at)
  4. Find what you are passionate about
  5. Ask for feedback
  6. Reassess your relationships

Open up Connections Rating Scales and complete it.  Be honest!  This is based on you having no help with the question and having adult expectations.  Have a trusted person complete it also and compare your answers.

Connections Rating Scales


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