Urban Connections

Week 8 (Feb 24th) 

Review – Sub last week; what did you find out about Eugene? Anything new? There are alot of “GEMS” here in our town. 

Is there anyone that’s ready to share about the area you selected?



I saw on the news yesterday that there is an app for  “running in Eugene w black history focus”. The idea is very cool and educational at the same time. * Anders share phone; the app is called “strides for social justice”. This is very fitting to look at now as it is  Balck History month.

What do you think? Is this something that you want to use? 


Week 7 (Feb 17th) 

Today we’ll see if you are ready to present, or if you need more time… 

We can go into break out groups after we’ve watched the video below. 

Things to do in Eugene: Watch the video and make a short stop after each place/location and have students share their experience with this location. 

This can be a hint for how you can share info about your area – a short selfie video… It doesn’t have to be a “big presentation”, but thinking about what landmarks and other things you’ll see is important. 



Week 6  (Feb 10th)

LTD is starting to charge $ again…. we will have bus-passes through Connections but it may take a little while to get it sorted out. 



How is it going with your little presentation? What area did you select and do you have visuals? 

We can split into breakout rooms and work on the presentation. I know some of you have visuals already recorded, others may need to find photos online. Either is fine. 


Story problem: 

JimBob had wanted to get a new plant for his balcony. He saw the add from Home Depot where they had a sale on Daffodils, it was an excellent deal. He called ahead to assure they had enough “in stock” … and sure enough – they didn’t. However, they said they still had plenty at their  other location out on Delta Oaks. So, JimBob is going to head out there today. Please make a bus plan for him to go there – leaving his apt by Churchill at 3:00 – spending about 20 min in the store and then heading back home. 

Good luck. 




WEEK 5 (Feb 3rd)

Questions for Holly (presenter) and please think of other questions also. 

Is it only for students with Autism? 

How much does it cost? 

Can I bring my pet? Pets allowed? 

What do you teach at SLLEA? 

Can you have friends spend the night? 

How long can I keep living at SLLEA in tier 1? (if I don’t feel ready to move out..). 

Will you help fill out the application? 

Do I have to pay rent if I go on vacation? Am I allowed to go on vacation?

If/when I get my own apartment, will SLLEA help me set it up and move in? 

Is the social event / game night only for SLLEA students or can anyone attend (or be invited)? 

Does SLLEA do outings to go on trips out of town/skiing/camping trips? 


Story problem. 

For today I want you all to make a bus plan for JomBob to go from his current apartment by Churchill highschool to see a new friend,  Jedidiah, that he met at SLLEA. They’re going to meet at Friendly neighborhood.  They’re going for a slice of pizza at 

Bartolottis Pizza, the address is :

2778 Friendly St, Eugene, OR 97405

JimBob will need to be there at 5:00pm , please make a bus plan for him with a return time at 6:30pm.   (Hint – You’ll most likely get your steps in today) 

Good Luck!!

For the rest of the class time – keep working on “your area” with documentation of bus route, and visuals to get there. We can go to breakout rooms and help as needed. 




Week 4 ( Jan 27th)

Info and virtual- TOUR of SLLEA: Holly will share the info & video, later , or next week, we will open up for Q&A.

Here is the link to the SLLEA website:  https://www.sllea.org/


Questions we created for Holly (presenter) last week. 

Link to the presentation:



Is it only for students with Autism? 

How much does it cost? 

Can I bring my pet? Pets allowed? 

What do you teach at SLLEA? 

Can you have friends spend the night? 



Week 3 (Jan 20)

Week 3 

Review of last class. 

Anders videos + now having the photos from YMCA. 


  Covid guidlines


  Hallway to wellness area

  expectations face-mask

  Gym (split )
  Front desk

  Side of gym w cardio equipment
  scan membership


Sanitization station 


  Locker room women 

  Stairs to mens locker room. 

  Hallway (pool area and locker room) 



Students share their area: 20min. 


At 1:40 break for “going over next class”. SLLEA presentation. We will have a guest speaker invited to our class!!

Let’s prepare some questions for Holly (presenter). 

Is it only for students with Autism? 

How much does it cost? 

Can I bring my pet? Pets allowed? 

What do you teach at SLLEA? 

Can you have friends spend the night? 


Week 2 (Jan 13th)


Last week we discussed how to share the info of our own selected neighborhoods. 

I started mine but haven’t gotten the last parts of YMCA. 

Here is what I have so far: Anders share videos. What else would be good to know about this location. 

Can you create something similar of your neighborhood or your selected area? 


Some ideas we discussed last week were: FredMeyer, Shelton McMurphy house, Ecco Hollow pool, 

For today we will just go outside and practice this in our neighborhood? PLease step outside in the nice weather and take photos of how you’d “explain to a stranger how to get to your house/neighborhood if they didn’t have a phone/GPS/map”. What are the landmarks, what is the street name, intersection…. 

Be creative,  and save video/photos on your phone to be able to share next week. 

Week 1 (Jan 6th) 

  • What do you hope to get out of the class? What are your concerns? 

The main idea is to get you to be comfortable and feel safe navigating the community. There are a lot of neat resources available. I have some ideas on what this could look like but I want YOUR input. 

I’m hoping we can get some recreational places/ jobsites to give us a virtual tour of what it would be like to visit  and get familiar with the area. 


  • JimBob story problem: 

JimBob got moved from his Job at the UofO location. The Starbucks shut down this location. He’s now working at the Oakway Starbucks (Oakway Mall). He’s happy with this new location but it has been a bit more tricky with scheduling and riding LTD. He lives near Churchill Highschool. Can you make a busplan for him …. He needs to start work at Oakway at 11:00am , He get’s off work at 4:00pm. He’s going straight home after his work shift. 

Please try to use the fillable PDF. 

Bus Plan fillable

  • What area, or business, shall we visit next? 


Urban Connections! ONLINE

Name:                                                   Date:


Directions: Please answer the following questions.


  1. Neighborhood:

Find 3 photos and paste into boxes below: 








  1. Photographs: cut and paste photos into the boxes.


  1. What was in abundance in the neighborhood? 


  1. What was lacking in your neighborhood? 


  1. Are there any advantages of living in this neighborhood? 


  1. Are there any disadvantages of living in this neighborhood? 


  1. If you could give one bit of advice to someone moving into this neighborhood, what would that advice be? 


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