SCHEDULE Spring 19

Academic Support Help with ABSE reading, writing, and math study strategies, homework help for students attending LCC classes
Become a better reader today Student will have a reading assessment and be provided with tutoring and reading materials for their level
Abilities! Sometimes it’s easier to focus on what you can’t do vs. what you can do.  Learn how to maximize your strengths
Couch to 5k Walk/roll/run at your level and keep track of your progress. The end goal is being ready to participate in a 5K-race.
Hillyard Sampler Learn about different classes offered at Adaptive Rec @ Hilyard Cntr. ****Note: starts 12:30 at Hilyard location****
Summer Playlist What are your plans for the summer?  We will research and plan fun and inexpensive summer ideas
I’m Hangry Create snacks that are healthy and tasty
Grill n’ Chill Using a propane grill safely we will make balanced meals and side dishes that will give you skills to host BBQ- parties this summer.
Live Long and Prosper  Learn how your different body systems work and how to keep them functioning properly
Math For Life We will learn math needed to function  in daily life such as measurement, percentages and money math
Moving On Students who are “moving on” from Connections will learn about what’s next
Over the Hill We will use the activity van to drive to local hiking trails,  enjoy nature, good company and get some exercise
Paracord Crafting Arts and crafts class with a focus of selling the created products
Play Fair Games are a great way of getting to know people and have some fun.  We will play group, outdoor, cooperative and board games.
Urban Connections Plan trip using LTD, make the trip and document to various destinations in community. How to be safe in community.
Smart Goals Setting individual goals and keeping track of progress.
Topics for Young Adults Group discussions – students ask questions, share information  and learn from each other
What’s Right and Wrong? Ethics are the  moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity.  What are your values?
Cognitopia Work on transition assessments, create plans, identify strengths and needs, how to lead/facilitate  your IEP (or other meetings).
Next Step Work Crew Students will be volunteering  They will be taking apart various electronic devices including computers.
ReStore Work Crew Students will volunteer in a retail work experience (mostly building materials/tools/furniture)
Hult Center Work Crew Students will volunteer at a large performing arts venue (janitorial and food service prep tasks).  
Job Club/School Store   Work on resume, problem solve job issues/concerns.