Moving in

Write down who connections can talk to and about what and send it to your casemanger.

Continue to write down and fine tune your goal you would like to accomplish by december.

Think of a mini goal you can accomplish in one week and write a smart goal about it.


Today we will reviewing the two smart goals you created and fine tuning them. 

But first, let’s talk about your IEP meeting and your team.

Who to invite to the Individual Education Plan meeting ? Yourself!


 School – 2120 Bailey Hill/LCC downtown/District Office

Community -Conference room/Home/Library

Anywhere private



 1-2 hours from 6am – 7pm Weekdays



Parents/Siblings/Grandparents/Aunt or uncle



Family friends/Neighbor/Religious leader

Boy/girl friend

Service animal

School Staff

Reg ed teacher/SPED teacher/Case manager

School Psychologist/SPED Consultant/Individual Interpreting Evaluation


Instructional Assistant

Transition specialist

Autism consultant/Behavior consultant

Occupational therapist/Speech therapist/Physical therapist

Interpreter – English as a second language or sign language

Administrator/District Representative

Community provider:

Doctor/ counselor / therapist

Direction service

Foster care providers/Group home manager/Group home worker

DHS worker

Brokerage provider/Personal Support Worker

Probation Officer

Vocational Rehabilitation/Job Developer


Anyone you want!


We hope that you have been thinking about what part of your health you can become more independent with and that you haven’t experienced any con’s 🙂

Let’s start with some goal setting.  Think of a long term goal and we will “break it down” as a group into “mini goals”

Xavia would like to become a Pet Groomer.  The group problem solved how to turn this into a smart goal.

Specific  – research how to become a pet groomer by visit up to 2 grooming stores, talk to groomers about their job.

Measurable – Watch 5 youtube videos on how to become a pet groomer, Getting 2 phone number, following up and visiting.

Attainable – Yes, if no what kind of help do you need

Relevant – Important because it’s a job she would enjoy doing

Time – Bound Friday November 20th

Next steps – get tools, find training

Assignment due Next class (Oct 19th) . Create 2 SMART GOAL’s. (one can be relating watching movie series but the other should be about a “typical Connections goal”) 


My goal is ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________-

Specific Measurable Attainable  Relevant  Time bound




My goal is ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________-

Specific Measurable Attainable  Relevant  Time bound



Taking care of your physical and mental well being are an important part of adulting. Lets brainstorm some areas that adults need to take care of.

Physical Health:

Daily Care: sleep, showering, eating well, exercise, teeth care, (brushing, flossing, using orthodontia, getting cleanings, taking care of dental emergencies) hydration, healthy routines, paying bills, 

Medical: scheduling, taking medication as scheduled, being aware of side effects, following doctor/nurse instructions, knowing when to call a doctor and one, keeping insurance and knowing how to use it, carrying your medical, remembering to go to your appointment, knowing your blood type, knowing the difference between an emergency and non emergency, filling your medication, picking a primary care physician/doctor

Emotional Health: seeing a counselor, taking breaks when overwhelmed, talking to someone, knowing yourself, coping strategies when needed, healthy relationships, knowing how your emotions affect others, having an open mind, staying positive, breathing, growth mindset

Scams and cons are out there!  How do you keep yourself safe?  

phone calls, facebook messenger, too good to be true, subscription services, read the fine print, not canceling free trials, stealing you debit card info, malware from websites, telling you that you owe money to IRS or utility, email scams, listen to good advice, fake charities, mail scams, work scams, animal scams asking for deposit, texting scams, voicemail scams, website scams, fake videos and audio

Here is a good site for discovering fake videos:

Monday 9/28

Zoom expectations – have a good work space, try to keep privacy, try your best to be focused, use the chat/comments to communicate (make sure it’s appropriate), mute when not talking, try to sit still in the middle of the zoom meeting so you don’t distract others, ROSE – respect others self and environment, PRIDE perseverance, respect, integrity, discipline, excellence, use reactions to communicate for simple things,  try to have your video on,  if you need to be late or absent send text message or email, if you are more than 15 minutes late please join the next class. Please eat your lunch during lunch or after class. If you get “kicked off” zoom because of glitches, just sign back in.  If zoom crashes, check the web site and we will try to communicate with you.  Try again once in a while to see if it is up and running again.

Children Adults
Taken care of Take care of themselves
Follow Directions Have Responsibilities
Told what to do Make Decisions
Chores Jobs
School Work
Dependent Independent
Smaller Consequences Bigger Consequences
Taught Self Taught
Rely on others Self Advocate
Child rely on other to get things done Get things done
Escorted to get around Figure out how to get around
Fantasize Reality
Doctor and health managed for them Make appointments and take of their health
Given limited choices/limited Adults get to decide/unlimted
Things bought for them Go shopping!
External Control Self control
Told what to do Figure out what to do
Tantrum Problem Solve
Allowance Pay day!
Make a mess Clean up your mess
Play dates are made for them Choose your activities and friendships
Other regulate Self regulate

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