Meet at LCC downtown classroom #318 @ 12:45pm. Please be on time!!!

Dec 19th :

Last trip  – VRC ,   Bus #66 @ 1:20 ,    Back to Eug Stn: Bus # 67  @ 3:07 (back at 3:25)

Completed trips Below:

Dec 12th: – Gateway Mall

Going there Bus # 12  @12:57,      Going Back Bus#12 @  2:55 

Dec 5th – Prince Pucklers  (independent trip)

(*** no prompts on this trip, please pay attention to TIME & landmarks.***) 

Bus# EmX at 1:16 ride to Agate Stn,  Return #EmX @ 2:30 to Eug Stn> 

Nov 14th: Dollar tree Springfield

Nov 7th Regal Cinema

Bus #66 & #67 

We learned about the operations of a movie theatre. How many various jobs there are at a cinema. One surprising and good fact was that staff get paid extra when working during holidays (x 1.5). We learned that everything with the movie operation is is very high-tech. 

We had an excellent tour guide and he answered all our questions diligently .  

Oct 31st

UofO campus – Research opportunity (please see link below for the permission form). 

Bus #_EmX__ @_12:57____   Going back Bus #_EmX__ @ __3:15___

Also, it is Halloween. Please do not dress inappropriately. Remember the dress/costume codes we have discussed in class.  


Oct 24th


Going there:_# 82 @  1:18pm (or 1:38pm)   , Going back:__#82  @  2:55 


Oct. 17th

SLLEA – housing: Meet at LCC downtown classroom #318 @ 12:50pm. 

Going there:_# 33 @  1:27 (+3 min walk)   , Going back:__#36  @  3:10 


Oct. 3rd.

Autzen Stadium: 

Going there: Bus #13 @ 1:25pm    , Going Back: Bus #13 @ 3:10pm

NOTE: Dress for weather – it may rain…..

Sept. 26th. 

Trip to Gateway Mall: Bus #12

Sept 19th

Trip to VRC  , Meet at LCC downtown classroom #318 @ 12:50pm. 

We will leave on BUS # 66  at 1:20pm  ,   we will go back on BUS# 67 at 3:07pm

See you there!

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