Summer JOB

The Arc of Lane County Summer Work Program
Program dates: July 6 – August 28

The Arc of Lane County is offering a unique summer opportunity to Eugene and Springfield students and recent graduates between 18-21 years old who are interested in learning more about workplace readiness and experience an intellectual and developmental disability.

Virtual lessons will be fun and engaging and help prepare participants to enter the workforce.

We will be exploring topics such as, money management, digital citizenship, job applications, job interviews, teamwork, professionalism, and effective communication. Job exploration and work-based learning opportunities will be provided with virtual work place tours and job shadows. Classes will be 5 hours each week and held on Tuesday, Wednesdayand Thursday. On Wednesdays there will be the option to participate in 1 hour elective classes preparing participants to obtain an Oregon Driver’s Permit and an Oregon Food Handler’s permit.






May 29, 2020  Last Friday class 
Looking for a job

Here are some of the most polpular job search engines out there:  Indeed Jobs…., LinkedIn Job Search. …, Google for Jobs. …, Monster. …, ZipRecruiter. …, SimplyHired. …, CareerBuilder. Please get familiar with them and find out which one you like best. 

One of the first summer jobs I had was doing janitorial work. I enjoyed it a lot as it had a good mix of doing in-door cleaning and some landscaping. I got to be both outdoors and work indoors. The pay wasn’t amazing but I had a lot of fun with many (young) co-workers.

Here is a position I found on the job-serach-engine “indeed”.

Is this something you’d considered doing for the summer, or maybe even as a career. The need for people wanting to make sure buildings/shops/schools etc. are going to get higher than in a LONG time. I also believe that the pay will increase in this profession.

Next part of class is relating to looking for a new job, and possibly interviewing, while currently being employed.  

Why do you want to leave your current job?

Can we contact your current employer?

You should look for a job and apply for a job while still keeping the job you have. This video has several great advices on what you should and shouldn’t do. You want to make sure you end on good terms.

Do’s and Don’ts on SOCIAL MEDIA.

When you are applying for a job you can expect that your new employer will look at what you have posted on your social media. Please make sure you represent yourself as professionally as you can, (you can still have a lot of personality and be fun J).

The video below has several good suggestions on how to do this.



Which job-search-engine do you prefer? Why? 

Would you apply for the janitor job I found on indeed? Why or why not?

What summer job, or long term job, are you going to apply for ?

Do you need help with resume or application? Please email answersa to:

Good Luck!



May 22 (week 5)

Task A: 

Resume: Continued!!

Please keep working on your resume and send them to me via shared google doc or similar. Here is a link explaining how to share a doc.

The top resumes sent to me ( this week will receive a gift certificate!! $

Task B: 

Interview question: Do you have any questions for me?

Watch the video below:

It is important to show that you know something about the company, that you are prepared for the interview, and that you are planning to stay working there. This is true even if you are thinking of this job as a short-term job. You should ALWAYS do some research on the company and ask questions when given the opportunity in a job-intervew!! You can think of this as practice for the time when your interviewing for your dream job. 🙂 

Ex. What does a normal day looking like when working in the position I’ve applied for? Are there opportunities to get on-site-trainings and to advance within the company?

Make sure to practice the interviewing infront of a mirror, friend/family member or infront of you computer/cellphone so you can see what you look like when interviewing. Good Luck!


May 8, (week 4)

Work = Money. In the famous words of Spinal Tap” gimme some money” $$$$

If you complete task A and send me a copy of your resume you will get a gift-card!! (you can make a request for which place..DQ, Starbucks, Dutch Bros…….)

Task A 

Send me your resume!!! This is continued from last week. If you have a hard time getting started on this please send me an email, call me, or talk to your advocate. Your task is to get the basics of this going and please add a little component of “March-June” section on experiences.   


Task B

Interview qstn 5:

“Tell me about a time when…”. 

watch the video

 S.T.A.R. Interview Method:

Situation. Give the interviewer a brief summary including the problem you were solving or goal you were looking to achieve. This should answer the who, what, when and where basics.

Task. Explain exactly what was required of you. List your responsibilities and game plan to resolve the situation.

Action. Describe what steps you took to reach a solution. This is a great time to list obstacles had to overcome during the process. Feel free to elaborate on your thought process so that the interviewer gets a better sense of how you think.

Results. This is probably the most important part of the S.T.A.R interview method. It’s like the ending to a story. Explain the outcome of the situation and any lessons you learned along the way that could help you the next time around.

Q: Tell me about a time you had to deliver excellent customer service following a complaint.

A: “(Situation) I once had a customer call and complain that they waited over two weeks for a reply regarding their order. (Task) I needed to address the customer’s complaint and figure out what went wrong with their order. (Action) First, I apologized and got their order details. Then, I passed the information along to my manager that contacted them within the hour. I investigated why no one followed up about the order, it was the combination of a wrong cell phone number and email address. I let the customer know and we offered her a discount on her next order. (Results) In the end, the customer was happy with how we resolved the situation. She not only continued ordering from us, but posted a positive review online.

Interview Qstn 6:

Tell me about a time you worked on a team

Step 1: Situation

Start by quickly describing the situation. It’s best to focus on a specific moment, like an event or a team project.

“At my last position, I was a wedding planner’s assistant. One weekend, I worked with the road crew to install an arch for a wedding.”

Step 2: Task

Tell the interviewer the goal or task you were working towards. This could be the point in your story where you face a challenge, deadline or obstacle.

“But we realized that there had been an error and the courier delivered the wrong arch. There was no time to order the correct one, so the team had to think on our feet.”

Step 3: Action

Next, detail how you worked with the team to tackle the challenge. Be very specific, listing the steps you took to solve the problem.

“I realized we could use foliage from the area to make a DIY wedding arch. The team agreed, and we worked through the night building the arch.”

Step 4: Result

What happened after your team stepped in to save the day? What was the outcome? Try to use examples with very specific outcomes; use numbers if you can. The result should show how you’re a good team player.

“The bride was thrilled with the result, and the arch even made the rounds on Pinterest after the wedding. We got several calls and new business as a result.”

Here’s a great example that pulls all of the components together for a professional answer:

“In my previous retail position, we were split into teams by department to work Black Friday. Each department would compete to achieve the highest sales. My team and I made an action plan to have each person cover a specific area so that no customer would be an oversight and go without assistance. We ended up with a 10% increase in sales from the previous year and the highest number of sales among all the departments.”

Please practice this by either recording yourself, in front of a mirror, or in front of family/friend.

Good luck!! 


May 1, (week 3) 


$$$$$$ I work for money! $$$$$$$,   

what?? I will make money??  here?   Now???

Link to Anders explaining the lesson.

So, for today you will have a the opportunity to start making money in class. If you get the google doc and share your resume with me you are going to make money. Please check with me or your advocate if you have a hard time creating a google doc. and don’t know how to share it with me. Here is a link explaining how to share a doc.

Task A

I really want to see you have something in the component of March – June 2020. Here are some examples on what this could be. Make it unique for yourself and be creative. It can be some unique skills you have… think about what you’d like to share with an employer that highlights strengths you engaged in during these times. You all do many daily activities that will fit perfect here , gardening, cooking, cleaning, calling friends, walking dog…. this shows that you’re responsible and reliable.

Here are some examples on what it could look like in that part of experiences on your resume: 

March- June 2020

Ex 1:  During the Covid -19 pandemic I continued with online learning through the Connections program and had ___% attendance for scheduled advocate and class Zoom meetings. I participated in class work relating to health, cooking, and budgeting. I also took on additional responsibilities at home.  I also did weekly  online beta testing for Cognitopia, working on routines and giving usability feedback.


Ex 2:   As I mentioned above in my strengths I’m goal driven, and I have good skills in follow-through, for example: during these months I made sure to stick to my usual routines and my weekday mornings started in a similar way each day. I got up at 8:30 and then walking my dog. After this I ate breakfast and got ready, and then started with my schoolwork and Zoom meetings at 10:00.


Ex 3:   As mentioned in my strengths above I’m a self starter and I’m caring: and example of this is that during these times I reached out to family/friends and neighbours to make sure they were OK. I also took it upon myself to help my older neighbor with weekly lawn mowing and other chores.


Ex 4: I’m physically strong and I like to take care of myself . I made sure to stay with my exercise routine in order to stay healthy. I also helped with more chores at home and started cooking family dinner several days per week.

Task B

Job interview: 

Tell me about yourself….: watch the videos and practice it yourself.

What’s your strengths? watch the videos and practice it yourself. 

http://watch the videos and practice it yourself.

Practice makes perfect!! As you see in these videos they have some funny “bloopers” after and this is what happens to all of us. But the better prepared you are the better you’ll do in the interview!




April 24, (week 2)

HI, and welcome back to Job Club!!

Here is a link to Anders explaining today’s lesson:

Today we’ll look back on last week and see what we’ve learned. I’m still hoping to get more of your resumes and answers emailed to me/ shared with me via The feedback I got so far regarding what is going to be “similar vs different” was that many parts of what we need to do in order to find jobs, apply for jobs, have a resume, interview for jobs, keep a job are going to be somewhat similar (naturally depending on the job , but in general….).

So, the conclusion then is – let’s stay busy on working on the tasks we can control. This includes: find jobs, apply for jobs, resume, interview for jobs, keep a job…..

Looking back to last weeks class question: find a business that is currently hiring. I found at SAFEWAY.

Task A

Below are details of the  job I found that is currently hiring – you can use this example or a different one that you found yourself to answer the questions below.

SAFEWAY, Night Crew Clerk :
As a Grocery Clerk, some of your duties will include ordering, stocking, and rotating product. You will assist with creating and maintaining shopping displays for our customers as well as a neat, clean, and organized back storage room. You will assist customers with locating product and taking special orders. More details are available in store. We are an equal opportunity employe.  EUGENE, CAL YOUNG AREA

See if you can find information to these questions (you’ll need to go online or make some phone-calls to get this info):

Hours? (How many hours /week are you expected to work) ? _______

$ (How much will you make per hour) ? ______________

Perks with working there ?: ________________

Other important info ?: ­­­­­­­­______________________

Email answers to Anders:


Task B: Continue with the task B from last week.

The next task for today is to find your resume. Save it into a google doc. if you haven’t already done so. Please edit and think of what you can add as for “experience” area and what you will put in for the time “March -20 to June-20”,  and share it with Anders. 

Example: During Spring -20:  I was taking classes at 4J Connections. I supported family with yard work, did chores at home, created activities for my younger siblings, sewing mask for hospital workers……

Send/share this with me in a google doc.   Email:


It’s time to think about the JOB–interview!!! You will need to practice this independently at home (using your computer/cell-phone camera) . Practice makes perfect!

  • Do’s and DON’TS. Watch the video below and practice in front of your computer camera.

  • Why do you want this job? Answer this using a job you found yourself, or the Safeway nightshift job that I found. Look at this video to guide you.

****** in the next week or so we will have you practice interview skills via zoom with a mystery employer ********

Good luck!!!


Week 1

Hi all JOB CLUB Students: 

Activities A, B & C can all fit into one google doc. that you can either share with Anders or send in an email to Anders. Here is a link with me explaining below activities:

We are in some strange times right now but there are a lot of things that we can do to be ready for when this Covid-19 is “over”. Things may take a long time to get back to normal, but there will be new vocational opportunities following this change in life style, and doing business. To start of we have some things that we’ll always still need:

Task A: Your initial task: Create a list of same vs different when comparing before and after Covid-19.

What do you think it will be like ( some examples to compare: resume, letter of rec’s, people to be a reference for you…., will you need to practice interview skills, social skills….the list goes on). Example below:

  Same Different
Resume I think this is still needed as it shows who you are, and why you are a good fit for the job.    
Letter of Rec.    

Make a list and include at least 2 areas that you think will be different following/due to Covid-19, and explain why you think so. Save this in a google doc and share with Anders (or send an email with the info) . 

Task B; The next task for today is to find your resume. Save it into a google doc. if you haven’t already done so. Please edit and think of what you can add as for “experience” area and what you will put in for the time “March -20 to June-20”,  and share it with Anders. 

Example: During Spring -20:  I was taking classes at 4J Connections. I supported family with yard work, did chores at home, created activities for my younger siblings, sewing mask for hospital workers………

Task C: For the last task of the day I want you to find a business that is currently hiring. Explain why or why you don’t want to work there. 

Good luck! Hope to hear from you.



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