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We played Pictionary.  Pictionary is a great game that can be played in many different places and with any number of people.


Below are links to a few of our favorite lunch time games to enjoy with your family and friends. 

 Hope that you all have a great Thanksgiving Break! 🙂  


Free Mad Libs:


10/21/20 Lunch Social: MADLIB (Vacation)

A vacation is when you take a trip to some ____BIG____ place with your ___LOUD__ family. Usually you go to some place that is near a/an ___CAMP___ or up on a/an ___MOUNTAIN___. A good vacation place is one where you can ride ___TREES___ or play __MARIO___ or go hunting for ___CRABS___ . I like to spend my time ___EATING___ or __DRIVING___. When parents go on a vacation, they spend their time eating three __SQUIRRELS___ a day, and fathers play golf, and mothers sit around __SWIMMING___. Last summer, my little brother fell in a/an ___AMERICA___ and got poison ___ORCHID___ all over his___HEAD___. My family is going to go to (the) ___BEACH___, and I will practice ___SLEEPING___. Parents need vacations more than kids because parents are always very __PRETTY___ and because they have to work___42___ hours every day all year making enough __DOVES___ to pay for the vacation.


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