Mad Lib – Results    ….A Michael Bay Version

Recommendation: (Rendition in Announcer’s Voice)

Scott is a normal chef.  Then, one day, a puppy explodes, causing a gas mask to blow up, and a nearby bull terrier explodes into a hexagon of flames.  

Scott realizes that he’s being chased by the government, who’s trying to walk him.  While on the run, he teams up with an incredibly attractive woman named Sue, who has an incredible lip.  She may be from the streets, but she can cook like nobody’s business. 

The duo decide to turn the tables on their pursuers by blowing up a PK Park, which triggers a chain reaction, causing the local Audi, Good Burger, and the Mt. Rushmore to explode.  Then the bad guy’s helicopter gets perambulated by a piece of leprechaun from when the Disneyland exploded, and the helicopter explodes and falls onto a cat, causing it to run, which shoots a fireball straight into the heart of street and destroys the bad guy leader. 

Everything is punchy and the two decide that such a sunny ordeal has caused them to fall in sunny with each other.  They decide to celebrate by opening on the Harry Potter, and they even managed to use a step-stool from the beginning of the movie, to swim the whole story together.

Thanks to all those who participated!

Have some fun!  See you Tuesday!

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