Save The Earth: Throw Your Trash In The Correct Receptacle!

img_5573The environment is a very important issue for our planet.  Connections wants to do our part to make sure the items that we use are sustainable and do not drain our Earth’s precious resources.  The Student Council has noticed that trash has not always been disposed in the correct receptacle.  Our trash cans are now properly labeled… Please dispose of your trash and recycling in the proper container.

The Large Dark Blue Square container is for paper recycling.  This would include, paper, cardboard, and paper cartons.

The Lighter Blue Cylinder Container is for plastic and glass bottles and aluminum cans.  Please only throw away plastic and/or glass in this container.

The Grey Cylinder Container is for non-recyclable trash. Please put all food scraps, plastic wrapping and anything else that can not be recycled in this container.

Your Attendance has been outstanding!  Many students have earned a free coupon for the school store for perfect attendance last week.  Student Council will be voting on our next opportunity to earn a free coupon on Wednesday.  If you have any suggestions, please talk to your representative on Student Council!

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