Who Wants A Free Item From The Originals School Store?

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-9-22-10-amWho wants a free item from the Originals School Store?  The Student Council voted and decided… Students that have perfect attendance from October 17 to October 21 will earn a coupon for a free item for the School Store!  What is perfect attendance you ask?  Perfect attendance is defined by the following actions:

  1. Attending all classes, advocates and work crews
  2. Arriving on time for all classes, advocates, and work crews.  On time is defined by being in your seat/area before the class starts.
  3. Being on task the entire class/advocate/work crew and participating in all activities.
  4. If you have an appointment that conflicts with one of your Connections activities (e.g. you know you will miss Moving In because you have a VR appointment at the same time), you still will have perfect attendance by attending the VR meeting on time.  However, it is your responsibility to tell Connections staff about the conflict prior to the meeting.

Does perfect attendance mean I can not take a break?  Absolutely not.  If taking a break is part of your plan, you may take a break and still have perfect attendance.  Let’s earn those store coupons this week!

Looks like the weather has turned, and we are in for a rainy fall.  Please be prepared for rainy and cold weather each day.  Many of your Connections classes take place in the community.  Connections activities will take place in the rain, wind, or with hail the size of basketballs!   Please be prepared with a waterproof jacket with a hat or a hood each day!  If you do not have one, please talk to your advocate!

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