Mark Your Planners, No Connections on Friday, October 14!

img_5531We have a short week in Connections this week.  All 4J schools including Connections will be closed on Friday, October 14 for Oregon school’s statewide inservice day.  Remember, Lane Community College is not part of 4J School District.  LCC will be open on Friday!  If you attend LCC, please go to class on Friday!

Great News!  The Originals School Store will be open this week!  The Originals is a student run school store that has snacks and school supplies for great prices!  The store will be open Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 12:00 pm to 12:25 pm.  If you are hungry, buy local and support your friends at the Originals!

The student council is in full swing!  The student council is your student government.  However you do not have to attend Student Council to have an opinion on our school.  If you have an agenda item for Student Council, please mark that agenda item on the clipboard in the hall.  This week, we will be talking about the 1 year Anniversary Celebration of the School Store!  Yup, that’s right: Big Party!

And remember, the show goes on…Please make sure you attend all seminars, advocates and work experiences (even if you know there will be a substitute).  If you are not able to make it, please make sure you contact staff to let them know you will not be attending.

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