18 Nov 2013

There’s Good News and Bad News

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IMG_2646I would like to thank everyone who participated with software website testing last week.  The software manufactures enjoyed meeting you and said you had valuable feedback that will help their programs.  You made strong first impressions and they were impressed.

The good news: We have a normal week this week (November 18 to November 22).  All seminars, advocates, tutorials and work experience will take place as usual.  Your attendance is very important.  Always attend class on time.  Sometimes the unexpected happens and you will be late or absent.  Always remember to call or text your teacher when absent or late!

The bad news: All 4J schools are closed next week (November 25 to November 29).  The Register Guard has called it “No School November.”  4J schools are closed from on November 25, 26 and 27 for Furlough Days.  4J schools are closed on November 28 and 29 for Thanksgiving holiday.  Please keep in mind that Lane Community College is not a 4J school.  Lane Community College is open on November 25, 26 and 27.  If you attend LCC, you don’t want to miss your classes!  

Speaking of Lane Community College…  LCC’s winter term registration is currently open.  If you are thinking of taking a LCC Winter Term credit class, you can now register for winter term classes.  I would like to encourage you to attend LCC while you have Connections Support.  We can be great advocates for you as you make the transition to College Credit Classes. If you have not yet taken the LCC placement exam, please make an appointment with LCC Disability Resources (Building 1) and see if you are eligible for any accommodations.  Talk to your advocate if you have any questions!

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