Spring Schedule 2020

Seminar Descriptions:

Play Fair – We will participate in various cooperative and team building games to help us learn how to trust each other and work as a group.  Sportsmanship, fair play, strategy, giving clear instructions and taking turns will be skills we will hone. Prerequisite: Must Be Willing To Participate in All The Silly Games

Over the Hill and Down the Road – We will be traveling with the activity van to hike local nature trails.  We will also learn about how to travel to these trails with public transportation so that you can learn how to access them for future exercise and recreational activities.  We will stretch before each hike and learn healthy living and physical fitness skills.  Prerequisite:  Ability to walk one mile

King of the Castle – Renting an apartment is a big step towards independence, but this needs careful planning.  Knowing your rights and responsibilities as a tenant is a very important adulting skill. Students will learn how to read a lease, inspect an apartment and how to advocate for themselves to a landlord.

Futurama – What do you want for your future?  We will learn how to make realistic and detailed plans to achieve the future you want.

Cooking –  Learn the basics of cooking!  Students will focus on essential cooking skills needed for home cooking.  Students will focus on skills such as measuring, sauté, roasting, and boiling.  We will practice safety in the kitchen when using various kitchen appliances and tools.  Students will also have the opportunity to cook their own recipes. How can we make your recipes healthier?

Get Out – Plan (Wednesday): As a group students will make plans to various destinations in the community. The focus will be on vocational and recreational destinations.

Get Out – Trip (Thursday): As a group students go to various destinations in the community and “interview” or get tours from community members or employers.

Math for Life – Math is everywhere; learn how to make Math work for you!  Brush up on your everyday math skills using various strategies.  We will review some basic math skills in addition to exploring math related to money management, workplace math, measurement and time management.

Job Club – Seminar will focus on job readiness skills and behaviors.  Students will explore specific tasks, barriers and strategies for success at an entry-level job.  Students will also explore time management skills and strategies to successfully work with employers and co-workers.

Grill & Chill –  This class will focus on using outdoor grill & Safety. We will also have social conversations and discuss expectations relating to hosting or being invited to a BBQ. 

Communicate! – The class will explore how to express yourself. Examples may be using photography, podcast, blogging… our results will be shared with the group and possibly post it on the Connections Web-site. 

Why do I do the things that I do? – Sometimes people react to things without thinking through why they act the way they do..  We will engage in self discovery activities, learn mindfulness strategies and practice acting in ways that will help us get the outcomes that we want. 

Academic Support –  Are you attending ABSE or LCC classes? Are you interested in preparing for these? Academic Support can help with homework and test preparation.

Watch your back: Street smarts . Learn to be safe in the community and on-line. 

Couch to 5K – As a group we will go for walk/run around the track at Churchill each Friday. We will set goals and keep track of progress. For students that want to (not required) we will sign up for and run/walk in an actual 5K race. e.g.: http://www.eclecticedgeracing.com/otc-monthly-run-walk-series–4.html, http://www.eclecticedgeracing.com/otc-monthly-run-walk-series–4.html

Hidden Rules –  we will explore what the expectations are in various settings. We will have discussions, watch videos and/or do Role-Play activities to get comfortable in all/most situations. 

Guest Speakers and I ripped my Pants -Community members are invited to present on healthy relationships.   Clothing keeps us warm, covered, expresses our personality and makes an impression.  We will learn basic techniques to care for your clothes such as proper washing, care and storage.  The class will also learn to repair clothes by patching and hand sewing. We will also discuss personal style and how different clothes are appropriate for different situations. 

Vocational Opportunities:

Next Step: Using hand tools students will disassemble, and recycle, old computers and other technology.

Hult Center: Janitorial duties and cleaning, and at times help set up and prep for the concession stand and basic food prep.

ReStore: Students perform a variety of duties, including cleaning, stocking, pricing, merchandising, and unloading the trucks

Cognitopia: In this class you get to work on usability of software products, and learn how to track and share progress on your goals.

Job club:Students will explore skills and strategies (such as communication, resume building, time management and organizational skills) to successfully work with employers and co-workers.

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