Fall Schedule 2019

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Seminar Descriptions

Money in the Bank:Students will explore the basics of personal finance and identify their wants and needs. They will explore smart shopping strategies, as well as investigate pros and cons with credit cards.

Plan an Event:We will work on organizational skills and steps involved in hosting an event/party.

Parks and Recreation:We will explore different recreational opportunities in Eugene and the surrounding area.

The World:The class will explore and develop a global perspective by learning about different cultures around the world.

Mind Your Health:Mental health is important to your overall functioning. We will learn how to manage and get help for issues that might affect us.

Mobility Plan:As a group students will make plans to various destinations in the community. The focus will be on vocational and recreational destinations.

Mobility Trip:As a group students go to various destinations in the community and “interview” or get tours from community members or employers.

Fill in the Blank:Completing forms and understanding contracts/agreement is an important part of life. We will complete forms and understand how to read understand contract like a lease.

What do I Want?:Transition is also a time of discovery. What do you want in your adult life? This is important to figure out because it can help develop goals that are meaningful to you.

Academic Support:Are you attending ABSE or LCC classes? Are you interested in preparing for these? Academic Support can help with homework and test preparation.

Moving in:Get to know your IEP and become an active participant. Identify your strengths and goals to help you work with support agencies in the community.

Guest and Social activities:Community members are invited to present on a wide range of topics (vocational, healthy relationships, etc.). Students will also spend time setting up fun activities and games/events.

Vocational Opportunities

Next Step: Using hand tools students will disassemble, and recycle, old computers and other technology.

Hult Center: Janitorial duties and cleaning, and at times help set up and prep for the concession stand and basic food prep.

ReStore: Students perform a variety of duties, including cleaning, stocking, pricing, merchandising, and unloading the trucks

Cognitopia: In this class you get to work on usability of software products, and learn how to track and share progress on your goals.

Job club:Students will explore skills and strategies (such as communication, resume building, time management and organizational skills) to successfully work with employers and co-workers.