May 28, 2018

By Allan  


Greetings Everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed your three-day weekend (or are still enjoying it if your’e reading this over the weekend).

Sixteen items of note for this week:

• Staffing Updates – With the classified bumping process completed, I’d like to welcome three new staff members for next school year; Davina Brown (Life Skills 1:1 EA), Rachael Bryant (Life Skills EA), and Tyler Conner (CLC 1:1 EA) to the Howard SPED Team. Davina comes to us from Holt where she worked as a CLC 1:1 EA and will work here as Life Skills 1:1 EA with a 4th grade student. Racheal comes to us from Monroe Middle School where she worked as an LC EA and will work here as Life Skills EA. Tyler comes to us from Willagillespie where he worked as a CLC EA and will work here as CLC 1:1 EA for a 4th grade student.

• 2018-2019 Leadership/Building Rep. Positions – Each year all leadership positions are considered vacant and anyone can sign up for one, with the exception of CTL positions, which downtown generally likes to keep consistent. The current list of leadership/rep positions are; Garden, IPBS, PBIS, Site Council (though there’s only one open position), Social Committee, Taking it Up, and TLT. If you would like to sign up for a leadership or rep position, follow this link to the 2018-2019 Leadership/Building Rep. Positions Google Sheet. You’ll need to be logged onto your 4J Google account to view or add your name. If we have multiple candidates, we’ll do an email vote for those positions. I also added rows at the bottom if anyone wants to lead a new position.

• 2018-2019 Team Sign-Ups – Related to the above, thank you to everyone who signed up to be team member on next year’s various building teams. Some teams could still use members, so please look at the sign-up sheet in the staff room and consider adding your name.

• Master Schedule Committee Meeting, Thursday at 2:30 – Workshop staff have drafted a preliminary master schedule template for next school year. This Thursday at 2:30 in the Conference Room will be an optional meeting for any interested staff members who’d like to have input and/or work on next year’s schedule. Right now it’s just the workshop schedule, but we will build the rest of the schedule out from here. However, we may be getting ahead of ourselves, because we still haven’t heard how the four PE and Music classes per will will work, but it’s getting so late in the year I hate to hold off on this any longer.

• Homework Committee Meeting, June 4th at 2:30 – With teachers in agreement at our meeting last week on reducing and aligning how we do homework next year, I’ve scheduled an optional meeting on Monday, June 4th at 2:30 in the Conference Room for interested teachers to help draft a letter and/or other means by which we’ll communicate our new reduced (and I would argue more equitable) approach to homework.

• REPEAT: Wildlife Safari Assembly, Wednesday – This Wednesday in the gym is an assembly put on by Wildlife Safari. Kindergarten and 1st grade pooled their PTO field trip/enrichment money and thought they’d invite other grade levels to attend. The 3-5 assembly is 8:45-9:45 and K-2 assembly is 10:00-11:00. See the linked Assembly Map & Directions for details.

• 4th Grade Play, Wednesday 6/6 – The annual 4th Grade Play is next week on Wednesday, June 6th at 8:15 in the gym. See the linked Assembly Map & Directions for details!

• End of Year Checklists – Linked here is the End-of-Year Checklist for staff who are in charge of a classroom or other area. This form needs to completed and signed off by me before you start your summer. Outside of some date changes, this is the same form as last year. A sign-up sheet for checkout dates and times will be in the Staff Room and copies of the checklist will be under the staff mailboxes. If you need any boxes, just let Crystal know. For checking out technology over the summer, the link is not up yet, but I’ll share that once the Tech Department sends it out. UPDATE: Here the Summer Technology Checkout Link.

• Return Testing Headphones to Peggy – If you checked out any headphones for testing from Peggy, please return them to her office. If Peggy isn’t here when you return them, you can also drop them off with me.

• Report Card Grading Day, Classified & Licensed – Friday, June 8th is a regular work day for both classified and licensed staff. For licensed staff, HR allows teachers to work from home if you notify your administrator (me) in advance, but be sure to plan ahead if you need to collaborate with any colleagues on grading. Also, be sure to use this time for grading and not use it to run errands around town. Teachers are highly visible members of the community, so keep in mind public perception. HR has said that if working off-site on grading days is abused, we will not be allowed to continue the practice.

• Class Lists Due Friday, June 8th – Last week I shared links to the Google Sheets for next school year’s class lists, which I locked down a bit more this year (sending classroom teachers had editing access and other staff have view-only access). Classroom Teachers should have lists finished by Grading Day, Friday, June 8th, so specialists and support staff have time to review final lists before the end of the school year. Before then, non-classroom staff are welcome to connect with classroom teachers about specific student placements.

• PBIS Focus: Celebrating Your Success – The June PBIS monthly focus is Celebrating Your Success, so remember the PBIS/CFK Cheat Sheet, which matches our monthly themes with Caring School Community class meeting lessons. It’s an easy way to tie the two activities together.

• Summer School Classroom Use – I’ve been told the following classrooms will be used this summer by the three programs housed in our building during the break. KITS will run from July 2 – Aug 23, 9am-11am, and will use Room 5 (Family Resource Center), Room 12 (Preschool), and the Community Room. EEP will run from July 9 – Aug 17, 8:30am – 4:30pm, and will use Rooms 23, 24, and 25 (2nd grade classrooms). ESY will run from July 10- Aug 2, 8:30am to 11:30am and will use all other downstairs classrooms. There’s a possibility ESY will end up using some additional upstairs classrooms.

Taking advice from other principals who’ve hosted summer programs in their building, staff should lock everything up you don’t want touched, but if anything does get broken or disappears, these programs will replace or reimburse. I was also told at the end of the summer, when people are packing up, it’s hard to tell what’s theirs and what’s ours, so cover all your stuff with butcher paper and lock your stuff up so nothing accidentally gets packed up by KITS, EEP, or ESY.

• Summer Reading Staff Picks! – Since summer is almost here, it’s time for me to put together my annual end-of-the-school-year Summer Reading Staff Picks! Email me or let me know in person what your summer reading list looks like and I’ll post everyone’s picks in my final weekly announcements of the year. I love hearing what other are planning to read and have found some good books this way. My picks so far include a Red Dawn type of story The Tropic of Kansas and then probably something by horror novelist Brian Keene, but I’m still deciding. Send me your picks! And here’s Bill Gates summer reading picks:

• Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program – Sure it’s a marketing ploy, but kids can earn a free book by picking any book to read, completing the linked reading journal (English or Spanish), listing the book title and their favorite part, and after eight books, redeem their journal for a free book at Barns & Noble. See the linked flyer for more details.

• Schedule of Upcoming Events – See the Google Calendar for future events, but here are the events of note for the rest of the year:

May 28 (M)
Memorial Day, No School

May 29 (T)
3/4/5 Artist in Residence Begins – Merideth Ferrell, Silk Painting (STEAM Room)
5th Grade Middle School Math Placement Tests
BOGO (Buy One, Get One Free) Book Fair Student Preview
10:30-1:00, KG Field Trip to LCC
2:30-3:30, Site Council (Conference Room)

May 30 (W)
BOGO Book Fair Opens
8:45-9:45, 3-5 Wildlife Safari Assembly (Gym)
10:00-11:00, K-2 Wildlife Safari Assembly (Gym)
2:30-3:30, Student Care Team (Conference Room)
4:00-5:30, Allan to Report Card Revision Team Meeting (Ed Center)

May 31 (H)
9:00-10:30, Allan to Dyslexia Webinar (Office)
11:00-12:45, May Birthday Lunches with the Principal (Community Room)
12:00-3:30, Allan to ILT (Ed Center)
2:30-3:30, Master Schedule Committee Meeting (Conference Room)

June 1 (F)
9:00-1:00, 4th Grade Field Trip to UO
8:00-4:00, Allan and LEL Team to Chavez
10:15, KG Ocean Art Open House (Sugar)
4:00, Howard Staff Social (Angela’s House)

June 4 (M)
3/4/5 Artist in Residence Continues (STEAM Room)
Library Closed for Inventory & Close Out
2:30, Homework Committee Meeting (Conference Room)

June 5 (T)
All student library books due back to the library
8:15-11:15, Allan to Elementary Principals’ Meeting (Ed Center)
2:30-3:30, IPBS End-of-Year Meeting (Hop Valley)

June 6 (W)
Report Card Translations Due
8:15-9:00, 4th Grade Play (Gym)
11:15, NEHS Senior Stroll (tentative)
2:30-5:00, Allan to Pay Grade Evaluation Committee (Ed Center)
4:00-5:00, Allan to North Region Principals’ Meeting (NEHS)

June 7 (H)
Last Day for BEST
Last Day for Title 1 Groups
11:00-12:45, Birthday Lunches With the Principal (Community Room)

June 8 (F)
Grading Day – No School
Class Lists Due (for review by support staff)
7:30-9:00, Allan to 4JMAPS Meeting
5:00-8:00, Howard PTO School Carnival (Gym, Cafeteria, Playground)

June 11 (M)
easyCBM Testing Closes
3/4/5 Artist in Residence Continues (STEAM Room)
3:00-6:00, Bike Rodeo – Bike Safety Activities (Cafeteria & Gym)

June 12 (T)
All staff library books due back to the library
Silver & Vaughan to Emerald Park
9:15-1:00, SPLASH Field Trip for Grades 3/4/5
10:00, Fire Drill
2:30-3:30, Staff Meeting – If Needed (Volunteer’s Classroom)

June 13 (W)
Wacky Wednesday – Day at the Beach
Preschool’s Last for Students
8:30-10:00, K-2 Field Day (Track)
9:55-10:10, 5th Recess w/3rd Grade
10:15-11:45, 3-5 Field Day

June 14 (H)
PE Classes Outside
10:30, KG Family Picnic (Front Grass)
12:00-12:15, 5th Grade Lunch
12:15-12:35, 5th Grade Recess
12:45-1:45, 5th Grade Graduation (Gym)
1:50, Clap Out for 5th Grade

June 15 (F)
Last Day for Students, Early Release
Last Day for 192 & 196 Day Classified Employees
Sugar field to Emerald Park
10:00, Grab-n-Go Sack Lunches (Cafeteria)
11:05, K-5 Dismissal
11:30, Staff Last Day of School Root Beer Float & Ice Cream Sundae Party and Staff Farewell Celebration (Cafeteria)

June 18 (M)
Last Day for Licensed Staff

June 28 (H)
Allan’s Last Day

July 26 (H)
Allan Reports Back to Work

And enjoy our crazy all-school photo. Click on the images below for the full-size version. Thank you, everyone, for making that happen!