January 27, 2014

By Allan  

Hello Roadrunners,

Larry Soberman had nice things to say about Howard kids and staff here last week. Thank you all for making him feel welcome and although Soberman was officially my sub, I want to give Lori a big thank you for unofficially being my sub last week!

Twelve of note this week:

• Jan. 31st Professional Development Agenda – Attached is the agenda for Friday’s Staff Meeting/PD Day. I’d like to start the meeting with ALL staff, both classified and certified. We’ll start with some business and training items that will apply to all staff. After a break, we’ll move into a Number Talks PD with Reid Shepard, which classified staff are invited, though not required, to attend. I have the Number Talks book for teachers who did not already own the book and will put it in people’s mailboxes on Monday. Teachers should bring copies of the book to the PD. Let me know if you have any questions.

• PTO Staff Luncheon on Jan. 31st! – The PTO is providing a catered lunch for staff on January 31st following our PD. They were wanting to originally hold a staff appreciation event one evening for folks, but I told them I thought staff would rather have something nice during the work day. Hopefully you all agree with my advice to them. :)

• Fire Drill, Monday at 1:30 – It’s supposed to be the only dry day next week, so weather pending, we’ll plan to hold our January Fire Drill on Monday, January 27th at 1:30. If we’re rained out, I’ll hold the drill when it’s dry sometime on Tuesday.

• PBIS Roadrunner Tail Feather Reward Assembly, Thursday at 1:25 – A quick reminder that any classes who have made the 15 new tail feather goal is invited the Reward Assembly on Thursday at 1:25 in the gym. There will be Jello-jiggler races, a Caring Majority presentation AND egg roulette. If you think your class will make the goal of 15 new tail feathers, please let Rae know which activities you’d like to participate in. Remember to pass out those tail feathers to deserving classes!

• School Choice Visitation Week – This week is School Choice Visitation Week #1. We have a few families already signed up for tours (mostly from the younger grades), so don’t be surprised if you see me walking visitors around the building this week. I think we also snagged a few more tours at Saturday’s School Showcase, so I think our time there this weekend was worth it. And a big thank you Lori and Erin for coming out and giving up part of your weekend to help promote our school!

• District Literacy Updates – SDSs are strongly encouraging staff to register on the ReadingWorks website. This site gives CCSS lessons, units, leveled passages, comprehension units and so on. They will soon be charging to use site, so getting a free user id now would be wise. District staff also shared some great video resources for staff:

TC Reading and Writing Project (Lucy Calkins)
Explicit Instructions – Effective and Efficient Teaching (Anita Archer)

• Digital Learning Day Flyer: Feb 5th – Attached is a flyer with details about how 4J is celebrating National Digital Learning Day on February 5th. Students will be showcasing how they integrate technology into their curriculum from 3:45-6:00 (open house format) and there will be FREE workshops for teachers and school staffs from 4:15-5:30. PDUs available!

• Being a Writer Materials Pilot Preview – If there are any staff members interested in seeing the Being a Writer teaching materials being piloted by Shelly, Linda, Mellissa, Angela, Erin and Lupe, they all have the grade level materials in their rooms. This is the writing program made by the same people who made the Caring for Kids program.

• Educator Happy Hour at the Lane County Historical Museum – The Museums of Springfield and Eugene are hosting an open house at the Lane County Historical Society and Museum (near the fairgrounds) for local educators to see what their collaborative has to offer to students. Museums and cultural organizations will be on hand to discuss programs, field trips, travel funds and other educational opportunities. They will offer food and beverage to attendees!

• “Fitness Trail” concept with use of iPads and SMART Boards – .The future of recess might be happening at Rockway Elementary School in Westchester. This article describes what they call the “Fitness Trail,” a series of signs posted along the school’s hallways. Using an iPad, kids scan QR codes from posters, and follow along to the short exercise video that appears on the screen.

• Why students, not data, is what matters most – Educators should ensure they maintain proper perspective and attention to “the core of why we do what we do” by focusing on “children, their hearts, their stories, the whole child,” writes Tom Murray, who serves as the director of technology and cybereducation for the Quakertown Community School District. In this blog post, Murray writes that he gained perspective when his home was ruined by a flood from burst pipes, which reminded him of what matters most — people and relationships.

• Schedule of Events for the Week – See the Google Calendar for future events, but here are the events of note for this week:

January 27 (M)
School Choice Visitation Week
EasyCBM Reading Progress Monitoring 7
8:30-9:30, Allan meeting with Kim Ketterer re: bond funds (see Jan. 6 announcements)
1:30-1:40, Fire Drill

January 28 (T)
2:30-3:30, IPBS Meeting (Room 4)
2:30-3:30, Site Council Meeting (Staff Room)

January 29 (W)
8:00-2:30, Allison and Allan to Learning About Learning Meeting (Gilham)
2:30-3:30, Synergy Report Card Training (Library)

January 30 (H)
Roadrunner Tail Feather Challenge Ends
11:00-12:30, January Birthday Lunches with Mr. Chinn (Room 2)
1:25-2:00, Tail Feather Reward Assembly (Gym)
2:30-4:30, Design Team Meeting (Library)

January 24 (F)
8:30-12:30, Howard Professional Development (Library)
12:30-1:00, PTO Luncheon for Staff (Cafeteria)

Have a fabulous week, everyone!