June 13, 2022

By Allan  


Hello Holt Staff,

We’re almost at the finish line! 

Twenty-four items of note for this final week:

• Two Staffing Updates – Two staffing updates:

• 4-hour Title EA Updates – HR has filled our two 4-hour EA vacancies. Lori Tingue, who was a Title 1 EA at Holt last year before taking a temporary 2nd grade classroom position at Gilham this year, is filling one, and Lisa Neeley, a Title 1 EA from Family School, is filling the other. Please welcome Lori and Lisa to Holt, though both are applying for teaching positions, so we may have vacancies to fill later on.

• Want to be the Holt Summer School Admin Intern? – Downtown can’t find any assistant principals interested in doing the second part the summer SEAL program, so they changed the job to a licensed position, so teachers or any licensed employees can apply. I’ll be principal the first two weeks to get things started, July 12 – 22, also working with this person, and after that they would be in charge though August 12th (though I actually report back to work the following Wednesday, so there’s only two days where I’m not there). If any of your are interested in some extra summer mad money, feel free to find me and here’s the Job Posting.

• SEAL Room Assignments – SEAL officially need 12 classrooms and the Music Room, and KITS needs two kinder classrooms. I’ve come up with the following Summer School Classroom Map, which doesn’t require us to move desks and chair to match the different sized students and also allows Holt teachers teaching summer school to remain in their classrooms. However, I am open to discussion, so let me know if you have other ideas or if you can twist the arm of a colleague to volunteer their room.

• General Summer Cleaning Schedule – I’ve only gotten general details that the summer deep cleaning will happen before summer school and a quick refresh clean will happen after summer programs. I’ll add details to the calendar once I know of any off-limits days. I’ve heard the hold up is the carpet cleaner vehicles are being fixed up in Portland right now and they don’t know for sure when they’ll be ready to start.

• 22-23 Master Schedule Coming Soon – The schedule is still being worked on, but we should have a draft ready to share out with staff before the end of the week. Stay tuned!

• REPEAT: Schedule Your Gaga Ball Rules Lesson – If you haven’t already, let me know a good 10-minute block to go over the Gaga Ball Rules Slideshow with your class sometime before Field Day.

• REPEAT: Erin’s Law & Second Step Child Safety Unit, THIS WEEK – If you haven’t already, teach lesson 6 of the Second Step Child Protection unit this week. Linked here are Child Protection Unit Scans of the teacher guides.

• UPDATED – REMINDER: Field Day Details – See the linked Schedule for Field Day for details and the Field Day Map for the layout of the event, which Alex emailed out earlier. UPDATE: There are no PE or Music classes this day. 

There will be 8 minute rotations. Teachers, see the schedule where you will start and be sure to have your students divided into 4 color groups before field day:

• Red
• Blue
• Green
• Yellow

• Keep or Send Home Reusable School Supplies – Since 4J paid for school supplies, we can keep any reusable or unused school supplies, but it’s also okay to send stuff home with kids. Do note we’re not ordering more book bins or pencil boxes replacements, so hold onto those if you want them for next year.

• End of Year BBQ Sign-Up – Don’t forget to sign up for the Staff End of Year BBQ happening this Friday.

• Return School Radios to Office FRIDAY – All school radios should be returned to the front office on Friday, so Facilities can do their yearly maintenance.

• REMINDER: Consumable Ordering – Teachers should place orders for Math and Science Consumables you (or your replacement if you are leaving your grade or classroom) this week:

2022-2023 Math Consumables Order (Due Wednesday)Jamie’s Email

2022-2023 Science Kit Consumables Restocking (Due Friday)Jamie’s Email

• REPEAT: Report Cards Go Home Friday – Report cards are to be send home with students this Friday. If any students are absent, you can bring their report card and belongings to the office.

• Technology Checkout Contract 2022-23 – If you are taking home your school laptop, iPad, or other equipment over the summer, complete the linked 4J Technology Equipment Checkout Contract 2022-23.

• REPEAT: End of Year Checklist – Linked here is the End of Year Checklist 2021-2022. This needs to be completed by all staff in charge of an area before you start your summer and need both mine and Ryan’s sign-off. Let me know if you have any questions.


• REPEAT: ELA Materials Packing Directions – Linked here is the list of ELA Materials to Keep or Discard, as well as Eric Anderson’s Email.

• Teachers will get 6 boxes per classroom.
• Most Journeys and Being A Writer materials: Box and attach this Label Template on each box.
• Leveled Readers: Box separately and use the Leveled Reader Label Template ere.
• Trade books and big books: Keep them for 4J use. If your building does not want them, please send them to Bailey Hill using this label.

• REPEAT: Diverse Classroom Libraries Inventory – Teachers (or Title staff if you connect with Jenny) will inventory the SIA Diverse Classroom Library Book Sets. There are two processes depending whether you are teaching the same grade next year or if you are moving grade levels or schools.

If not moving: Inventory books, cross any missing books off of the inventory list, keep books in your room.

If moving: Inventory books, cross any missing books off of the inventory list, leave bins in classroom, and write the bin barcode number on the End of Year Checklist 2021-2022.

• UPDATE: June 20th, Juneteenth Expectations – This HR Email sent to staff explains how Monday, June 20th is the last regular workday for licensed staff, but it is also a new Federal Holiday, so staff have the option to work extra days prior to Juneteenth and not work this day OR you can take June 20th off and work on Tuesday, June 21st instead.


• 22-23 Arrival Plan – For anyone who missed it at the Staff Meeting or in the minutes, the morning arrival plan for next year (assuming we are no longer cohorting) will have students eating breakfast back in the cafeteria. 7:25, buses arrive and students are supervised in the cafeteria. 7:35, students are release to line up at the same grade level entrances we used this year and K/1 going out to hard play (they like to run). Students arriving late who want breakfast can go to the cafeteria until 7:50, when the first bell rings for students to go to class, with all doors closing at the tardy bell at 7:55.

• Fall PD Plan – If you’re wondering what the PD plan is for when teacher report back early, so are principals. I asked about this at a principals’ meeting a couple weeks ago and still haven’t gotten an answer what the plan is yet.

• No “Huggy Wuggy” Talk – I’m old and uncool and did not know about this, but if you hear kids talking about Huggy Wuggy, it’s a fairly scary and inappropriate character from a horror survivor video game, so tell kids that’s not something to talk about at school.

• EOA School Choice Process for Next Year – The back and forth between online and brick-and-mortar has been frustrating to say the least, but next year downtown has made the decision to treat EOA as it’s own school and that parents will have to go through the regular school choice process, which will hopefully cut back on the back and forth we’ve seen this year.

• Fox Hollow Redesign – SSD’s Fox Hollow program is being redesigned to be more of a temporary placement and not as much of a permanent placement. Linked here is the Fox Hollow 2.0 Redesign Slideshow that was presented ot principals last week if you are interested.

• FREE Summer Camps – I’ll share this in the Quick News but feel free to share this list of FREE 2022 Summer Camps with kids and families.

• Schedule of Upcoming Events – See the Holt Staff Calendar for future events, but here are the events of note for the rest of the school year:

June 13 (M)
2nd Grade Staff Room Duty
Erin’s Law Lesson #6
8:00, Allan Teaching Gaga Ball Rules (Ayres)
8:15, Allan Teaching Gaga Ball Rules (Barton)
8:30, Allan Teaching Gaga Ball Rules (Gori)

June 14 (T)
8:00, Allan Teaching Gaga Ball Rules (Vaughan)
8:15, Allan Teaching Gaga Ball Rules (Seno)
8:50, Allan Teaching Gaga Ball Rules (Reich)
9:50, Allan Teaching Gaga Ball Rules (Lovato)
11:45, Allan Teaching Gaga Ball Rules (Harmon)

June 15 (W)
8:45-10:15, Field Day, Grades 3-5 (Field)
9:00-10:00, Allan Skipping Elem Principals’ Meeting (Zoom)
12:00-1:30, Field Day, Grades K-2 (Field)
7:00-9:00, Sheldon HS Graduation (Hult Center)

June 16 (H)
10:30-10:50, Kinder Lunch Outside (Bike Cage Area)
1:15-2:15, Kinder Bubble Party (Hard Play)
1:30, Allan to BEST Meeting (Office)

June 17 (F)
Summertime Tie-Dye Day
Last Day for Students
Last Day for 192 & 196 Day Classified Employees
8:30-10:00, 5th Grade Breakfast & Celebration (Cafeteria)
10:15-10:30, 4th & 5th Grade Recess
10:45, Grab-n-Go Lunches Delivered to Wings
11:10, Early Dismissal
Staff Social – End of Year BBQ

June 20 (M)
Last day for licensed staff
8:00-4:00, Allan to I Love U Guys Training (Ed Center)

June 21 (T)
8:00-4:00, Allan to I Love U Guys Training (Ed Center)

June 26 (SU)
4:00-8:00, “Holt Night” at the Ems!

August 26 (F)
Licensed Staff Report Back

August 29 (M)
Classified Staff Report Back

Have a fabulous summer, everyone!








The Overstory by Richard Powers – It was recommended by two different friends, who don’t know each other, so it must be good!




Memphis by Tara M. Stringfellow

The Kite Runner by Khaled Husseini

The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai




Shogun by James Clavell – I loved the Richard Chamberlain 1980s TV mini-series, but am curious to read to the book

V.C. Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic – A horror staple I never read, though I did see the terrible movie version, but feel I should read it since it’s such a pop culture icon of horror. 

Consumed by David Cronenberg – David Cronenberg has made some of the most seriously weird movies you’ll ever watch (The Fly, Dead Ringers, Videodrome, Scanners, etc.), so when he’s not limited by budgets or special effects, I’m curious what kind of story he’ll tell. 

Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties by Tom O’Neill – I’m not usually a true crime kind of guy, but this is supposed to be THE definitive book on Manson, so I have to read this. 

Mark Harris Books on films of the 50s, 60s, and 70s – I heard Quentin Tarantino talk about Mark Harris as a terrific writer on the behind the scenes history of Hollywood, which piqued my interest, so I bought a few of his books. I’m planning to start with Pictures at a Revolution: Five Movies and the Birth of the New Hollywood.