May 16, 2022

By Allan  


Hello Holt Bolts,

Fourteen items of note for this week:

• 2nd Grade & CLC Hiring Updates – Last week we interviewed candidates from the 4J Early Hire Pool. The are external hires by HR done early this year to secure experienced teachers before other districts hire them. Schools with openings first interview from this pool and then have the option to hire someone or to post external. I’m pleased to say we did find one strong candidate for our full-time CLC position and one strong candidate for one of our two 2nd grade opening. I’ve notified HR to make a job offer and hope to announce these folks soon!

• Bruce Hale, Virtual Author Visit, TUESDAY @1:10 – Author of the Bruce the Shark series of books, Bruce Hale, is doing a virtual author visit at Holt on Tuesday at 1:10. If you’d like to get kids excited, he has on his website some Fun Activities and Curriculum Tie-ins.

• Holt Bolt, THURSDAY – The Holt Bolt is this Thursday (weather contingent). See Lesli’s Email for details, but here are the highlights:

Times – K/1/2, 8:45-9:45 and 3/4/5, 10:30-11:30. Classes report to hard play 10 minutes before running begins.

Holt Bolt Shirts – Shirts will be put into mailboxes on Monday. Fabric markers are in the Staff Room if you’d like for your kids to decorate their Holt Bolt shirts. See Ashley’s Emails for details. And remember, DO NOT send shirts home. Keep them until the Holt Bolt.

Map/Supervision – Kids will follow the path on the map below. We’ll have staff strategically stationed along the path to supervise/cheer students.

Recess Changes – All morning recesses are canceled. 1st-5th grade teachers are welcome to take their morning break during their jogathon time. Kinder and 1st grade lunch recesses will be in the gym. Kids should move through the hallway to get to the gym. K/1 teachers need to pick up from the gym. 2nd grade lunch recess will have to be soft play only while things get finished and cleaned up.

Prizes – PAHS is providing a number of prize drawings. Kids will enter their name into different buckets, which will be stationed around hard play. Winners will be announced after running and prizes will be announced later in the day.

QR Codes – Teachers will receive the lanyards with the QR codes early this week. These lanyards will be reused please ask students to take care of them. There will be a video coming from Jackie that you can share with kids on how to scan their badge.

No Spectators – If parents ask, we’re not allowed to have spectators.

Extra Fun – PAHS is also going to have a mister for kids to run through if they choose. At the end of the run, PAHS will have Otter Pops for everyone. Also, we’ll have Electa AND Sluggo at the run!


• Friday PD, Class List Prep – We’ll discuss and decide the 22-23 Class List process at Tuesday’s Staff Meeting, but this Friday will be time for teachers begin entering students on the 22-23 Class List Spreadsheet.

• Staff Social, Movie Night, Friday, May 27th – Stay tuned for details from the Sunshine Committee, but there’s a Staff Movie Night Social a week from this Friday. And if I might be so bold as to make a suggestion, maybe we should get together this Friday and order tickets to watch Top Gun: Maverick! And maybe stop at Original Roadhouse before to get a beverage.


• Last Day of School Dismissal @11:10 – Principals were told this week the dismissal time for early start schools this year will be at 11:10, which is what it has been in the past during normal times.

• 4J Science Kit Update – STEM TOSA Jamie Tait emailed principals the following email and Science Kit Slide Show Update regarding some changes how kits will be handled next year. Rather than read the slide show to you at a meeting, I’ll let folks read it here on your own and find me if you have questions. The main points are:

• Each classroom teacher with have their full year of science curriculum (3 modules).
• Science kits will no longer be returned and restocked at the district level.
• Storage and maintenance of science kits will be managed at the building level.
• District will support restocking of consumables and live materials.
• Teachers Submit a Spring 2022 Restocking Form to replenish consumables.
• Continue to uee the 4J Science website for the prioritized lessons & standards (since there’s not enough time to teach ALL lessons).
• Additional kits will be delivered to schools over the summer.
• Kits need to be cared for as if you were passing them along to another teacher.
• Keep items in the boxes that they belong in. Use the list on the front of each box to keep track.
• Kits are stocked for multiple uses, but you will have the opportunity after each use to fill out a Kit Restock form.


• No Reimbursements for Teacher Pay Teachers – The Finance Department emailed secretaries they were told by the Instruction Department they may not reimburse teachers for any purchases made from Teachers Pay Teachers. I’m planning to ask about this at the next principals’ meeting. I understand there’s a lot of garbage on TpT, but there’s also some really good stuff there as well. I’m failing to see how this is any different from being reimbursed for an Amazon purchase, which also has some terrible quality teaching materials as well as some excellent materials.

• No Helium Balloons in Gym or Cafeteria – Facilities figured out there was a helium ballon in the gym that set off our hale alarms last week, so be sure you never take any balloons in there.

• REMINDER: School Supplies for Fall 2022 – A reminder the 4J is again purchasing supplies for all students next year, but if there are additional items your grade levels needs, let Melanie know ASAP. Linked here is what is being ordered.

• Summer SEAL Update – As of last Wednesday, only 205 K-5 students signed up for SEAL out of 840 spots districtwide. The program continues to be understaffed, but downtown is forging ahead as planning. I will keep staff posted if they decide to combine the Holt and River Road SEAL programs. If that happens Holt will host the ESD Migrant Ed Program.

• HANDBOOK HIGHLIGHT: Staff Mailboxes – This week’s highlight from the Holt Staff Handbook, is on Staff Mailboxes:

Staff Mailboxes
• Staff mailboxes are found in the main IMC (workroom). District, classroom, office mail, notices for families will be placed here. Flyers to go home in Monday mailers are to be placed in boxes before noon on Friday; understanding that occasional exceptions will need to be made
[DURING NORMAL TIMES] PAHS has a work request box. Staff can fill out a form for volunteers to help with copying, stapling, etc.

• Moments of Zen – If you and/or your students need a little Zen in your lives these days, here are some live streams that might help:

Monterey Bay Aquarium Sea Otters
All of Monteray Bay Aquarium’s Live Cams
Multiple live cams of different areas in an African nature reserves
San Diego Zoos Live Cams
Smithsonian Zoo Live Cams
Aquarium of the Pacific Live Cams

• Schedule of Upcoming Events – See the Holt Staff Calendar for future events, but here are the events of note for the next two weeks:

May 16 (M)
SPED/PE Staff Room Duty
8:30, Allan Meeting w/Garden Way Church
8:45-9:25, 4th Grade OSAS
9:05-9:50, 3rd Grade OSAS
11:00-12:00, 4th Grade O Heroes Program Visit
11:30-12:30, 5th Grade OSAS
4:00-5:30, Allan to All Admin Meeting (Zoom)

May 17 (T)
8:45-9:25, 4th Grade OSAS
9:05-9:50, 3rd Grade OSAS
11:00, Allan to SEAL Admin Interviews (Zoom)
11:30-12:30, 5th Grade OSAS
1:10-1:55, Bruce Hale, Virtual Author Visit (Zoom)
2:45-3:25, Staff Meeting (Library)

May 18 (W)
8:45-9:25, 4th Grade OSAS
9:00-10:00, Allan to Elem Principals’ Meeting (Zoom)
9:05-9:50, 3rd Grade OSAS
11:30-12:30, 5th Grade OSAS
12:45-2:25, Storyteller, 4th Grade
7:00, School Board Meeting (Zoom)

May 19 (H)
8:45-9:25, 4th Grade OSAS
8:45-9:45, K-2 Holt Bolt (Hard Play, arrive 10 min. early)
9:05-9:50, 3rd Grade OSAS
10:30-11:30, 3-5 Holt Bolt (Hard Play, arrive 10 min. early)
11:30-12:30, 5th Grade OSAS

May 20 (F)
8:45-9:25, 4th Grade OSAS
11:30-12:30, 5th Grade OSAS, Math CAT
1:30-2:25, Friday PD – 22-23 Class List Prep

May 23 (M)
Office/Library/Music Staff Room Duty
8:45-9:25, 4th Grade OSAS
9:05-9:50, 3rd Grade OSAS, ELA PT
4:30-6:00, Allan to Conscious Discipline PD (Zoom)

May 24 (T)
8:45-9:25, 4th Grade OSAS
9:05-9:50, 3rd Grade OSAS
2:45-3:25, Leadership Team Meeting (Debbi’s Room)

May 25 (W)
Towel Day
8:45-9:25, 4th Grade OSAS
9:00-11:00, Allan to Elem Principals’ Meeting (Zoom)
9:05-9:50, 3rd Grade OSAS
12:45-2:25, Storyteller, 4th Grade
2:45-3:25, IPBS Team Meeting (Kelsey’s Room)
4:30-6:00, 4J Annual Retirement Celebration (ATA)

May 26 (H)
8:45-9:25, 4th Grade OSAS
9:05-9:50, 3rd Grade OSAS
9:10-10:10, 4th Grade School Garden Project Lessons (Garden)
10:40-11:40, 4th Grade School Garden Project Lessons (Garden)
12:45-1:45, 4th Grade School Garden Project Lessons (Garden)
2:30-4:30, 2nd Grade Interviews (In-Person & Zoom)
6:00-7:00, PAHS (Parents at Holt School) Meeting (Zoom)

May 27 (F)
Holt Spirit Day – Superhero Day!
7:30-8:30, Allan to 4JMAPS Meeting (Zoom)
7:40-8:10, Spirit Day – Virtual Assembly (Zoom)
8:45-9:25, 4th Grade OSAS
1:30-2:25, Friday PD
1:30-3:30, SPED Teacher Interviews (In-Person & Zoom)
~5:00, Staff Social, Movie Night (Cinemark 17)

May 30 (M)
No School – Memorial Day

22 1/2 kid days left!