October 25, 2021

By Allan  


Hi Bolts,

Twenty-two items of note for this week:

• Temp Counselor Interviews Friday – We’ll conduct interviews for our Temp Counselor Vacancy this Friday from 1:20-3:30. Let me know if any of your are interested in joining myself and Kim.

• October Virtual Assembly, Friday @7:55 – The October Spirit Day Virtual Assembly will be this Friday at 7:55. We’ll draw winners over Zoom (prizes will be delivered to classrooms) and then (keep this part a secret from kids) we’ll unveil our brand new BOOK VENDING MACHINE! Afterwards, grade levels can have a “field trip” to come see the vending machine according to the schedule below. Here’s the agenda for the event:

Start zoom meeting with each class.
Music will be played until start time.

Assembly begins! Live from the hallway! Mr. Chinn Starts us off!

Miss Kim pulled out 10 winners (Pre drawn) and adds to the wheel (pre-written)
THEY STAY IN CLASSROOM! Prize will be delivered!
Spin the wheel with all 10 names on it!

1st Spin = Fidget Game winner!!!!
2nd Spin = BIG Fidget Pop-It!
3rd Spin = RAZOR scooter!!!

BOLT WINNER DRAWING = First Helper at the Book vending Machine


-Unwrap machine
-Mr. Chinn Cuts the ribbon!
-Student puts in coin to machine

End Assembly portion.
Start of the Field Trip Around the School!

8:15 – KG Field Trip to Book Vending Machine
8:25 – 1st Field Trip to Book Vending Machine
8:35 – 2nd Field Trip to Book Vending Machine
8:45 – 3rd Field Trip to Book Vending Machine
8:55 – 4th Field Trip to Book Vending Machine
9:05 – 5th Field Trip to Book Vending Machine

• Elementary Director Visit Monday – Director of Elementary Education Services, Jeff Johnson is planning to visit Holt this Monday around 9:15. He said he wants to stop by some classrooms, so I thought people would appreciate a heads-up.

• Conferences Updates – Three updates regarding parent/teacher conferences.

• Teleworking Allowed – Principals have been given flexibility to allow teachers to work from home for conferences, which I’ll allow. Just send me an email if you are planning to work from home either of the conference days.

• Staff Not at Conferences – Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday are regular work days for all staff who are not part of conferences and should work your regular hours at school. However, if you have accumulated trade time or are planning to accumulate trade time in order to not work any of these dates, email me your plan ahead of time.

• REMINDER: Conference Dates – Dates for conferences are:

Nov. 9 (T), 3:25-7:25, Evening Conferences
Nov. 10 (W), 8:00-8:00, All-Day Conferences
Nov. 11 (H), Veterans Day – No School
Nov. 12 (F), No School, Teacher Comp Day

• PE and Music Pick-Up – A request from Alex and Ashley, please be sure to pick up your students on time so specialists have time to prep for their next class.

• Teacher Recess Reminders – Two items of note:

• Morning & Lunch Recesses 5-Minutes Shorter on Fridays – Remember, according to the 4J Standard School Schedule, morning and afternoon recesses are 5-minutes shorter on Early Release Fridays (60 minutes total of Recess/Lunch/Break/Passing Time on regular days and 50 minutes total on early release days). This is noted on the Master Schedule on the supervision tab, but not on the main master schedule tab.

• No Snacks at Recess – Although this is allowed during normal times, we can’t have kids taking off their masks to eat at recess, so please make sure students are not taking food out to recess with them.

• Classified Emergency Sub Plans – EAs should write a generic set of “Emergency Sub Notes” to the office. Include schedules and other pertinent notes, but this will help for if folks are unexpectedly out.

• Erin’s Law & Second Step Child Safety Unit – All classroom teachers should use the Second Step Child Protection Unit for meeting the state Erin’s Law requirements. For each grade level, there are six lessons, which are to be covered at three points in the school year, with Lessons 1-4 in the fall, lesson 5 right before spring break, and lesson 6 right before summer break. I believe 4J purchased only one kit per grade level, but linked here are Child Protection Unit Scans of the teacher guides if that makes things easier. I’m including the linked Erin’s Law Information in Monday’s Quick News and it’s recommended teachers follow-up with the linked Family Message (English & Spanish).

• Second Step Scope & Sequence – Speaking of Second Step, linked here is the recommended Second Step and Bully Prevention Scope & Sequence. I know the reality is it’s difficult to cover all of these lessons, but do take time to cover the high points in each of units over the course of the year.

• Leadership Plan Update – All of the leadership positions staff voted to compensate on our plan have been filled on the Leadership Sign-Up Sheet. Our final task to vote on the plan with the names attached, 2021-2022 Holt Leadership Plan, which we’ll do at our next staff meeting, which will require a minimum 75% licensed staff approval.

• COVID Protocol Updates & Reminders – Four items of note:

• What Symptoms Mean Staff Stay Home? – Staff should stay home If you are experiencing any primary COVID symptoms due to an unknown illness, which are:

⁃ Fever of 100.4° F or higher
⁃ Chills
⁃ Cough (non-persisten, dry coughs are okay, but congested coughs are not)
⁃ Shortness of breath
⁃ Difficulty breathing
⁃ New loss of taste or loss of smell
⁃ Diarrhea
⁃ Vomiting

As always, staff who feel unwell should stay home and use appropriate leave (sick leave).

• Holt Family Quarantine Letter Updated – Geoff spotted there was some incorrect info on the Holt Family Quarantine Letter, which referred to a slide deck (which was the TOSA created one that expired on Oct. 15) and a Home Learning icon in Clever that didn’t exist (Downtown made one after I asked, but it simply links back to the quarantine letter), so I deleted those two bullets on the letter.

• Check that your Clever is current – If you have students on quarantine, teachers should check your Clever page to make sure apps, resources, and other links are current.

• Vaccine Booster Clinics – I signed myself up for a booster this Friday, so to save you all research time, you can go to Lane County COVID-19 Booster Vaccine Clinic Operations webpage. They encourage you to schedule an appointment in advance for more rapid service at their clinics, but they also welcome walk-ins.

• UO EdF Practicum Students – The UO is looking to place undergraduate Education Foundation (EdF) students during winter (January 3 – March 18) and spring terms (March 28 – June 18). EdF students spend a minimum of 3 hours per week per term in a classroom setting. They can assist host teachers with individual and small groups for academics, art, PE, and STEM activities. More details are provided in the linked UO EdF Field Placement Flyer. If you are interested, complete the linked Seeking Teachers to Host an EdF Student Volunteer Survey Form by Friday, November 5th.

• Behavioral Safety Assessment Training Video – Sheri Hoyland, the 4J Behavioral Safety Assessment Coordinator (threats, suicide, safety, etc.), asked principals to share with staff the linked Behavioral Safety Assessment Training Video. Linked here is her full email, which also includes a link to the Student Wellness & School Safety Department website, which is your “one stop shop” for all things Student Wellness & School Safety Department, and also the linked Age Appropriate Sexual Behavior in Children and Young People, which delineate which behaviors are Age Appropriate, Concerning, or Very Concerning by age range (0-4, 5-9, 9-12, and 13-18).

• K-5 iPad Cart Survey – Holt actually has the best response rate of any 4J school on this right now, but teachers who haven’t already should complete the K-5 iPad Cart Survey by the end of the week.

• SSD Mask Flowchart – If you’re interested, linked here is the SSD Mask Flowchart for how to address situation when a student receiving special education is not wearing their mask properly on a regular basis.

• Child Welfare Reports – When you make child welfare calls, let me know and also complete an Abuse Reporting Form (make a copy and don’t edit the original), which helps me track dates, concerns, and how many calls we’ve made for individual student. To make a report, you can call either:

Oregon Child Abuse Hotline, 1-855-503-7233 (SAFE)
Eugene Police Department Non-Emergency number, (541) 682-5111

• Elementary TOSAs List – I’ve had a few different teachers asking who to reach out to downtown for different curricular supports, so linked here is an email of the 2021-2022 Elementary TOSAs that was sent out earlier this year.

• List of Social Services – Similar to the Parenting Now Resources for Families (English and Spanish) I shared in the past, linked here is a very comprehensive Relief Nursery Community Resource Guide that ranges from counseling, to anger management, to immigration assistance, with 48 pages of local resources for families.

• HANDBOOK HIGHLIGHT: No Scents or Perfumes – Holt has a nicely comprehensive Holt Staff Handbook, which I’m planning to highlight a section of in each week’s announcements. For this week it’s Scents/cleaners/air fresheners:

Scents/cleaners/air fresheners: Perfumes, highly scented deodorants, air freshening spray and plug-ins altogether must be removed from classrooms and commons spaces due to staff and students sensitivity

• Buddy Bench Video – Since it’s been almost 3 years since kids have been in person, a number of kids have no idea how to use the “Buddy Bench” on the playground if teachers could take some time, perhaps at a Morning Meeting to review how it works. If it’s easier, here’s a 3-minute video one school put together on how the Buddy Bench works.

• Schedule of Upcoming Events – See the Holt Staff Calendar for future events, but here are the events of note for the next two weeks:

October 25 (M)
Office/Library/Music Staff Room Duty
9:15, Jeff Johnson Classroom Visits
10:15, 4th Grade Rules School (Library)
10:40, 5th Grade Rules School (Library)
4:30-6:00, Health Insurance In Retirement Presentation (Zoom)

October 26 (T)
1:45-2:00, KG PBIS Bonus Recess (Playground)
2:45-3:25, Leadership Team Meeting (Library)

October 27 (W)
Book Vending Machine Arrives!
9:00-10:00, Allan to Elem Principals’ Meeting (Zoom)
12:45-2:25, Kinder Pumpkin Patch in the Garden
1:45-2:00, 5th Grade PBIS Bonus Recess (Playground)

October 28 (H)
8:45-9:00, 1st Grade PBIS Bonus Recess (Playground)
9:10-10:10, Reich in School Garden
10:40-11:40, Dagget in School Garden
12:45-1:45, Robison in School Garden
2:45-3:25, IPBS Team Meeting (Library)
4:00-6:00, Allan to ELA Adoption Meeting (Zoom)
1:45-2:00, 2nd Grade PBIS Bonus Recess (Playground)

October 29 (F)
Holt Spirit Day – Dress-Up Day!
7:50-8:10, October Holt Virtual Assembly (Zoom)
8:15 – KG Field Trip to Book Vending Machine
8:25 – 1st Field Trip to Book Vending Machine
8:35 – 2nd Field Trip to Book Vending Machine
8:45 – 3rd Field Trip to Book Vending Machine
8:55 – 4th Field Trip to Book Vending Machine
9:05 – 5th Field Trip to Book Vending Machine
1:30-3:30, Temp Counselor Interviews (Library)

November 1 (M)
KG Staff Room Duty
Ewok Appreciation Day
1:45-2:00, 4th Grade PBIS Bonus Recess (Playground)

November 2 (T)
1:45-2:00, 3rd Grade PBIS Bonus Recess (Playground)
2:45-3:25, Staff Meeting (Cafeteria)

November 3 (W)
Monthly Walk+Roll to School Day
9:00-11:00, Allan to Elem Principals’ Meeting (Zoom)
7:00-10:00, School Board Meeting (Zoom)

November 4 (H)
4:00-5:00, Allan to ELA Adoption Meeting (Zoom)

November 5 (F)
1:30-2:30, Classified Staff Meeting (Library)

Only 2 weeks until a short Conference Week. After that, just 1 full week until a short Thanksgiving week. Then just 3 weeks until a nice long winter break. There’s your good news of the day!