Am Lit – Links

September 30th, 2016

These links provide PDF files you can print or websites you can visit.

The Great Gatsby – packet

The Great Gatsby – online text

Death of a Salesman – packet

Death of a Salesman – formal writing prompts

Death of a Salesman – group presentation project

Three Formal Writing Tasks – guidelines and overview

Formal writing task – order of operations

Independent story reading homework – narrative writing – due January 9


Use these links if you’d like to consider submitting your creative work for publication. This is optional. Consider submitting the poem you wrote for the Harlem Renaissance unit, or any of the narratives or other poems you write in this class!

Denali – LCC lit journal – open to all Lane County residents

Teen Ink – national literary magazine for teenagers

Skipping Stones – national magazine for kids and teens, based out of Eugene <>

Canvas Literary Journal – national literary magazine “for teens, by teens” 

Creating Iris– national literary journal geared toward LGBT young adults

Agni – mainstream national literary journal

Cincinnati Review – mainstream national literary journal

Figure of Speech– SEHS literary journal (though as of now, it looks like this won’t be happening this year)

The Harlem Renaissance – website

The Harlem Renaissance – packet

Harlem Renaissance – 1st period poems

Harlem Renaissance – 2nd period poems

Independent story reading homework – argumentative writing – due Friday, Dec. 7


The links below are for the formal writing tasks. We will work on it all in class.

Citing sources in essays

Expository essay – outline

Argumentative essay – outline

Narrative writing – outline

Expository essay – editing sheet

Argumentative essay – editing sheet

Narrative writing – editing sheet

Expository essay – grading rubric

Argumentative essay – grading rubric

Narrative writing – grading rubric

Using Transitions Effectively – PDF to help with Organization from the University of Washington 

Integrating Quotations – PDF to help with Ideas & Content from the University of Wisconsin

Conventions – a handout addressing common problems that I have observed in student writing

The Writer’s Handbook – great online writing resource from the University of Wisconsin