E9B – Links

December 2nd, 2017

These links provide PDF files you can print or websites you can visit.

Literature Group Project

Lord of the Flies – packet

Lord of the Flies – online text

Lord of the Flies – Chapter 4 worksheet

Lord of the Flies – Chapter 7 worksheet



The links below are for the formal writing tasks. We will work on it all in class.

Three Formal Writing Tasks – overview

Expository essay – outline

Argumentative essay – outline

Narrative writing – outline

Expository essay – editing sheet

Argumentative essay – editing sheet

Narrative writing – editing sheet

Expository essay – grading rubric

Argumentative essay – grading rubric

Narrative writing – grading rubric

Citing sources in essays

Using Transitions Effectively – PDF to help with Organization from the University of Washington 

Integrating Quotations – PDF to help with Ideas & Content from the University of Wisconsin

Conventions – a handout addressing common problems that I have observed in student writing

The Writer’s Handbook – great online writing resource from the University of Wisconsin