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December 12th, 2016

These links provide PDF files you can print or websites you can visit.

Final Choice activity – juniors

Zine guidelines

Creative Nonfiction unit

Eliot Treichel – author website

“One Last Glimpse” by Eliot Treichel

Nonfiction – planning packet

Daily prompts:

Creative Nonfiction – independent reading response packet

Creative nonfiction – independent reading guidelines and suggestions

Smarter Balanced Practice Site 

Juniors will do the ELA (English Language Arts) Smarter Balanced State Assessment next week. There are two parts to the assessment: the CAT (Computer Adaptive Test) and the Performance Task.

ELA Practice test (CAT) – a typical standardized test in which you will read or listen to multiple passages and answer questions as you go:

  • multiple choice questions
  • short answer/open-ended questions
  • click on sentences or words from the passages

ELA Performance Task – on this part of the test, you will be given several related articles to read. You will be given 1-3 questions to answer. Be sure to provide what is being asked of you, like citing sources, and respond with solid paragraphs. Next, you will be given a prompt for which you need to write a multi-paragraph response, an essay. 

Poetry unit

Russian royalty – write a love poem to one of these three (rhyming or free verse – at least eight lines)

Poetry response packet


Submissions guidelines

Tanka Review – for tankas!

Figure of Speech – SEHS literary journal – submissions only open to juniors for next year’s edition!

Denali – LCC lit journal – open to all Lane County residents

Teen Ink – national literary magazine for teenagers

Skipping Stones – national magazine for kids and teens, based out of Eugene <>

Canvas Literary Journal – national literary magazine “for teens, by teens” 

Agni – mainstream national literary journal

Cincinnati Review – mainstream national literary journal

Poets & Writers database – resource for searching other places to submit your writing

Creating a Website


WordPress – instructions


Peter Brown Hoffmeister

Tom Cantwell


Check out the websites of your favorite contemporary authors!

Books about writing 

These were recommended by Peter Brown Hoffmeister, Mr. Cantwell, and a student:

Bird by Bird, by Ann Lammont

Stein on Writing, by Sol Stein

On Writing, by Stephen King

Save the Cat, by Blake Snyder

Fiction unit

This is the Part Where You Laugh – packet

Peter Brown Hoffmeister – author website

Fiction – planning packet

Student short story examples:

“Upgraded Eyes” – 900 words – won 2nd place in WordCrafters Contest

“The Aberration” – just over 1,000 words – student website