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December 12th, 2016

These links provide PDF files you can print or websites you can visit.

The Great American Read!

Poetry unit

Poetry – reading guidelines

Poetry – reading packet

Reading packet is due next Tuesday, October 23!

What we’ve written so far:

  • Free verse – three different rough drafts, one final draft (typed)
  • Rhyming – three different rough drafts, one final draft (typed)
  • Haiku – five different rough drafts, one final draft (typed)
  • Tanka – five different rough drafts, one final draft (typed)
  • Lyric poetry (song lyrics) – two different rough drafts, one final draft (typed)

All poetry writing is due next Friday, October 26!


Submissions guidelines

The Bulwer Lytton Fiction Contest – This is optional and just for fun, but pretty awesome. The idea is to write a really bad first sentence to a really bad hypothetical novel. In addition to submitting to their contest through their website, compete against your fellow students by sharing your sentence with Mr. Cantwell by September 28th:

Figure of Speech – SEHS literary journal 

Denali – LCC lit journal – open to all Lane County residents

Teen Ink – national literary magazine for teenagers

“Set Stories Free” – national short story contest for stories with a theme of courage – $1000 first place prize!

Skipping Stones – national magazine for kids and teens, based out of Eugene <>

Canvas Literary Journal – national literary magazine “for teens, by teens” 

Creating Iris – national literary journal geared toward LGBT young adults

Agni – mainstream national literary journal

Cincinnati Review – mainstream national literary journal

Tanka Review – for tankas (a type of poetry)

Poets & Writers database – resource for searching other places to submit your writing

Creating a Website


WordPress – instructions


Peter Brown Hoffmeister

Wayne Harrison

Tom Cantwell


Check out the websites of your favorite contemporary authors!

Fiction unit

All work for the fiction unit – both reading and writing – is due Friday, September 28th!

Editing sheet

Planning sheet

Order of Operations – step by step guide through the writing process

Independent Reading – guidelines

Independent Reading – response packet

Short story examples:

“Victory Lap” by George Saunders

“Upgraded Eyes” – 900 words – student story that won 2nd place in WordCrafters Contest

“The Aberration” – student story that is just over 1,000 words – scroll down on student’s website

Books about writing 

These were recommended by Peter Brown Hoffmeister, Mr. Cantwell, and a student:

Bird by Bird, by Ann Lammont

Stein on Writing, by Sol Stein

On Writing, by Stephen King

Save the Cat, by Blake Snyder