A. Lit – Links

December 12th, 2016

These links provide PDF files you can print or websites you can visit.

Four American Essays – packet

Four American Essays – Emerson and King

“On the Duty of Civil Disobedience” – we will check out a book from the AV room on Monday, but here is a link if you want to read it online or print it out 

Civil disobedience in the news this week!

Below are some choices for your fourth essay. If you have an idea for another one, run it by me.

Patrick Henry – “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!” – 1775 (on revolting from British rule)

Ralph Waldo Emerson – “Nature” – 1844 (on nature)

Ralph Waldo Emerson – “Thoreau” – 1862 (on Thoreau)

Elizabeth Cady Stanton – Address Delivered at Seneca Falls – 1848 (on women’s rights)

Frederick Douglas – “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” – 1852 (Douglas was an escaped slave)

Henry David Thoreau – “Slavery in Massachusetts” – 1854 (on slavery, in a free state)

Henry David Thoreau – “Economy” – 1854 (on living simply, the first chapter of Walden)

John Muir – “The American Forests” – 1897 (on conservation)

Rachel Carson – “The Obligation to Endure” – 1962 (on the environment, from her book Silent Spring)

Martin Luther King, Jr – “I Have a Dream” – 1963 (on equal rights)

Martin Luther King, Jr. – “Beyond Vietnam” – 1967 (on his opposition to the Vietnam War)

Harvey Milk – “The Hope Speech” – 1978 (on gay rights)

Cesar Chavez – “Lessons of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” – 1990 (on MLK and pesticides, on behalf of the United Farm Workers)

Bronson Koenig – “What I Found at Standing Rock” – 2016 (on the Native American protest, by a college basketball player now in the NBA)

Alex Burdo – “Taking a Knee to Racial Equality” – 2016 (on the Colin Kaepernick protests, by a journalism student at Brown University)

“The Raven” – due Thursday, September 28

Independent reading activity – short story – due Monday, October 2

Did you write an awesome narrative? Submit it for publication! Here are some options:

Figure of Speech – South Eugene High School’s literary magazine

Young Writers Awards – win $500 for 1st place or $250 for 2nd place!

Teen Ink – national literary magazine for teens

Native American literature – packet cover

Native American literature – packet

Native American literature – writing prompts

The links below are for the formal writing tasks. We will work on it all in class.

Three Writing Tasks – overview

Expository essay – outline

Argumentative essay – outline

Narrative writing – outline

Expository essay – editing sheet

Argumentative essay – editing sheet

Narrative writing – editing sheet

Expository essay – grading rubric

Argumentative essay – grading rubric

Narrative writing – grading rubric

Citing sources in essays

Using Transitions Effectively – PDF to help with Organization from the University of Washington 

Integrating Quotations – PDF to help with Ideas & Content from the University of Wisconsin

Conventions – a handout addressing common problems that I have observed in student writing

The Writer’s Handbook – great online writing resource from the University of Wisconsin