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Physical Science – Matter Warm-up 12 January 2018


Physical Science – Matter


Warm-up             12 January 2018


Answer the following in complete sentences/formal response:

NSIDC = National Snow & Ice Data Center (U of Colorado Boulder & affiliated with NOAA)

Graph for Sea Ice NOAA:

  1. What is the Independent Variable for the above graph?
  2. What is the Dependent Variable for the above graph?
  3. Which type of relationship does there seem to be for this graph?
  4. Which line would be considered the trend line?
  5. What is the unit for the Dependent Variable?
  6. What is the unit for the Independent Variable?

Today’s Schedule:

Unit Learning Target: How do we record & present scientific data?

Day Learning Target: I can construct data tables & graphs

  1. Warm-up… stamp INB: Data Presentation
  2. Scientific Method (INB)… finish today, stamp Tuesday
  3. Observation, Question, and Hypothesis Lab… continue today, due Tuesday
  4. Hypothesis
  5. Data Collection
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