Alternative Access

Switch Access & Control

Switches can be powerful tools  for students with orthopedic impairments.  In schools they can give students controllability of devices needed to access their education. There are numerous switch placement sites and switch types that can be chosen to maximize a student’s controllability.  

The 4J Assistive Technology Specialist (ATS) consults with IEP teams  to help set up switch access programs.  Case managers are the points of contact if your student’s switch access program needs updating, or if you would like an AT evaluation to determine the potential for a switch program at school. 

Below are some resources to help with setting up switch access. If your student’s IEP addresses using switches, the ATS will coordinate with case managers to provide the needed equipment and support.


How to add an external switch on an iPad. video


How to setup and connect a Blue2 external bluetooth switch to an iPad. video


How to add the Blue2 external switches in accessibility settings video


How to use the Blue2 switch in Mode 1 to turn pages in Google Slides. video


How to use the Blue2 switch in Mode 1 to advance Google Slide shows (with animations) shared by a teacher in a Zoom meeting  video


How to us an external switch to turn pages in ebooks. video


How to use an external switch with HelpKidzLearn video apps  video


How to use an external switch on an iPad in Zoom to mute/un-mute & start/stop video. video

Sounding Board App

This switch enabled app can be used to create custom communication boards with ease. It includes a nice library of symbols as well as the option to use actual photos. Audio scanning can be turn on for support. Boards can link to other boards to build complex choice making activities and/or to build reinforcement of selections.  video

Choose It! Maker 3

This switch-enabled app allows students to access personalized learning materials that can be used in the classroom and with individual students securely online.  Activities are created by staff and then downloaded student iPads. 

Watch this video to see what it can do. video


How to download Choose It! Maker3 activities to an iPad. video


How to use an external switch with Choose It! Maker3. video


How to lock an iPad in an app with guided access:

Guided access allows teachers to lock an iPad into a certain app, block out parts of the screen that they don’t want students to touch (like a back button or different menus), set time limits on how long a student can use the iPad, etc… Watch this video below:

Note: Students can disable guided access if they restart the device. If this is an issue, you can set up a passcode for the iPad that only the staff knows.