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Hello! Heres the finishing documents: 

Hello! Here are the possible songs that will be on the test for you to annotate: 

  • Alexander Hamilton
  • Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)
  • Non-Stop
  • Cabinet Battle #1

Remember, I have the annotations to all the songs on the blog below in two documents. The first is the lyrics and partial annotations. The second is the full set of annotations. 

For your annotations on the test, I’m basically looking for you to make three types of annotations: 

  1. Correcting historical inaccuracies
  2. Explaining vague lyrics
  3. Providing context where it is wanting

Hello! Here’s the agenda for both days: 

Hello! Here’s the day’s agenda:

Hello! Here’s the day’s agenda: 

  • Lecture on the Declaration of Independence
  • Hamilton listen: Guns and Ships, Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)
  • Homework: “Articles of Confederation,” and “The Road to the Constitution” in packet 

Hello! Here’s the day’s agenda: 

  • Reading Quiz
  • What happened on Lexington Green?
  • Hamilton listen: Stay alive, Ten Duel Commandments, Meet Me Inside
  • Homework: Read “The War for Independence” in packet

Hello! Here’s today’s agenda: 

  • Reading Quiz on Part I
  • Listen to Hamilton (link to annotations in previous post): 
    • Farmer Refuted
    • Right Hand Man
    • Satisfied
  • Homework: Read Part II in packet 

Hello! Here’s what you need for today: 

Hello! Here’s the day’s agenda: 

Hello! Here are the vocab lists from the stories we’ve read thus far. I expect that not all of these words are new to you, but we will have a vocab quiz on these terms sometime next week. So be ready to give definitions of the words that you find unfamiliar or new. 

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