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Here’s a final survey, take it or don’t. See what I care. 

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  • MLK Ppt
  • Homework: Read “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” and be ready for a Socratic seminar (Links below)

I’ve gotten some questions about the podcasts I listen to lately, here’s some that are directly and indirectly related to our class and could be fun for you too: 

  • History:
    • Revolutions by Mike Duncan- A general overview of some of the major revolutions of the last three hundred years. Includes: American, French, July, Russian, 1848, and others)
    • Hardcore History by Dan Carlin – A series of in-depth overviews of some of the major conflicts in human history. Warning: Can be very graphic. 
    • Stuff You Missed in History Class by Tracy Wilson and Holly Frey – A massive collection of stand-alone episodes on a massive range of topics. 
    • Ten Presidents by Roifield Brown – Far more than ten episodes, but each looks at a president.(Bonus, Mike Duncan does the episode on Washington and Dan Carlin hosts an episode on Nixon)
    • Backstory – A rotating cast of historians (including some titans like Ed Ayers) analyze modern topics with a historical lens. 
    • Bowery Boys – A huge catalog looking into the history of New York City. Warning: Can be graphic. 
    • Note: Only Backstory is hosted by professional historians. 
  • Politics and Government:
    • Presidential by WaPo – An hourlong episode on each of the 45 Presidents.
    • More Perfect by Radiolab – Great looks into SCOTUS decisions that aren’t often discussed, but still critically important.
    • Reveal by the Center for Investigative Reporting – Amazing, in-depth reporting on important issues facing Americans today. 
    • NPR Politics – A regularly updated discussion on the political news of the day. Heavy focus on DC politics. 
  • Special podcasts on a specific topic:
    • Slow Burn by Slate – A look into the Watergate scandal with a special emphasis on topics not usually discussed in the scandal. 
    • Caliphate by the New York Times – A deeply embedded investigative reporter tells the story of a Canadian man who left his family to join the front lines of ISIS. Then he defects from ISIS to tell his story. Warning: Very, very graphic descriptions of terrorism. 

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